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A Brief Order of Marriage in Christian Faith

Christians believe that the commitment of love and marriage should be made in a rather religious setting. Christian marriage involves the mutual acceptance of the couple in the church among friends and family. The wedding ceremony is elaborate and follows a general protocol.

Here we explain the brief sequence of marriage practiced under a Christian wedding.

The foreplay

Music can be performed live or recorded. Practice being used in wedding ceremonies. At some events, candles are lit throughout the venue during the prelude.

Parade – Arrival at the venue

The procession marks the arrival of the married couple and important guests at the venue. The minister officiating the wedding enters first. The groom arrives at the altar with his best men through the side door, followed by the bridesmaids and servers. The bride is then escorted by her father down the aisle to the altar, where the groom is waiting. The flower girls and the ring bearer follow the bride.

Welcome and Introduction

When the members of the event have taken their seats, the minister welcomes the guests and explains the purpose of the meeting. He briefly introduces the bride and groom, then talks about the sanctity of marriage and the importance of vows. He says a short prayer to God and delivers the sermon.

The pledge

A lien typically serves to ensure that the couple, their parents, and their children, if any, from previous marriages support this union. The minister asks for the consent of all the guests in the room, and they answer in unison: “We do.”

The exchange of vows

This event is of great importance in a Christian marriage, where the bride and groom stand facing each other and promise to love and support each other in front of God and other witnesses present in the hall. Although there is a standard set of vows, most couples choose to recite their own.

Exchange of rings

The exchange of rings symbolizes the couple’s promise to stay by each other’s side at every stage of life. The ring is considered to be an outward expression of their eternal commitment to their partner.

Announcing a marriage

The minister now declares that the bride and groom are legally married and the wedding venue is filled with happiness. The bride and groom share their first kiss as man and wife, marking the official start of their life together.

The candle of unity

The couple now seeks God’s blessing by lighting the central candle together. They chant their prayers and seek the holy blessing for a lifetime of happiness and togetherness.

Holy Communion

Some couples prefer Holy Communion as their first act together after marriage. It refers to giving thanks to God and worshiping him as a whole body.

Subsequent prayers

The pastor offers the closing prayer to God on behalf of the couple and their families.

The recessionary

The couple, their families and other guests leave the wedding hall in an orderly manner. Wedding ushers help guests exit the line.

Christians believe that marriage is the highest domain of honor and love. Some changes in the order of marriage may vary from wedding to wedding, but the sanctity and charm of a traditional Christian wedding remain intact.

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