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A Few Tips For Improving Your Freestyle Dancing

Imagine if someone said, “I love to play the piano! I’ve never studied music, but I love pounding on those keys. I’m doing what feels right and that’s what counts.”

Most of us would find this rather strange… and yet many people take the same approach to dance. They say, “Yeah, when it comes to dancing, I don’t bother with these trendy dance styles. Instead, I just do freestyle—I just sway or shake. It’s fun.” More often than not, however, the results are less than elegant. Dancing can still be fun, but you have to set the bar pretty low.

This approach betrays a common misconception about what good freestyle dancing is. A man can have a lot of fun just shaking his booty, just like playing the piano. However, both the dancer and the piano are left out of the world of unexplored pleasures.

Let’s revisit the piano analogy. You can simply hit the keys; it might be fun, but the result probably won’t be very artistic. Or you could learn certain pieces of music one day. Alternatively, one can learn to play improvisational jazz – “freestyling” but with musicality and intention. The latter two approaches can be satisfying and beautiful, but in different ways.

In the same way, you can also dance by just shaking or rocking – which many people think of as “freestyling”. Or you can learn some special dance styles like the waltz or the Charleston. Or we can simply improvise steps, but all in such a way that it creatively complements the music. This last approach makes for quality freestyle dancing.

Truth be told, there’s a reason most of us never think to simply strum the piano keys. This is because there is very little satisfaction to be gained from unstructured hitting of keys, while moving to the music (even if somewhat randomly) is more enjoyable. However, by learning a few key principles, one can make dancing much more enjoyable and look much better in the process.

First, a good freestyler tries to make the music precise. You can do this, for example, by clapping or by pumping your arms during the keystrokes of the music. One of my favorite techniques is to simply freeze when the music pauses. Take the song “Jingle Bell Rock” for example. There is an unmistakable pause in the music during the line: “Now the tinkling hop has begun.” This is a good time to simply freeze in place, perhaps with a dramatic flourish of the hands. With this simple technique, you can look like a real pro and feel satisfied at the same time.

Second, a good freestyler often draws from other styles of music. For example, you might throw in a few swings or cha cha steps every now and then, maybe change them up a bit. Or just throw in some dance moves you saw in a music video. Basically, the bigger the arsenal of dance moves, the better the results.

Does this mean you have to take expensive dance lessons? Not at all. Many places have inexpensive community dances with free swing, Latin or ballroom dance lessons for beginners. Additionally, many dance studios offer group classes, which are a more affordable alternative to private lessons. There are also many excellent dance DVDs that you can buy or borrow from the public library. Heck, one could always watch some music videos or dance routines and try to break down the moves. (I found the Motown dance moves especially easy to follow.)

Finally, get creative with your moves. The biggest problem with shaking or swaying is that it’s BORING. After all, anyone can shake or sway to the beat. Why not add some more awesome moves to your repertoire? Try boldly stepping or snapping your fingers in the air. You can emphasize stronger beats with a little jump or fist pump. With the help of a simple do-si-do, your movements will be relaxed and creative at the same time.

After all, it doesn’t take much. A little effort is needed to make freestyle dancing even more impressive – and it will also be a lot more fun.

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