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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Flash on Your Website

Adobe Flash, formerly known as Macromedia Flash, is a multimedia creation platform used to add video, animation, and interactivity in many different areas. Its use in advertising is becoming more and more widespread and has led to an endless number of online games. You can enhance the user experience with audio, text layout and flow, colors, 3D effects, animation and more. For all its capabilities, companies (especially creative ones) are turning to Flash for – well, flashier websites. Advertising agencies and designers have found a platform that can really bring their message to life and showcase their creativity. They now have the tools to create a website that allows users to interact and enjoy their work, rather than reading plain text about what their company is about.

Are you using Flash on your website? Of course, if you think it can add extra value to end users. But unless you’re developing some kind of music or heavily animated website, just using Flash to build a website isn’t a perfect solution. Rather, I suggest using it more for a website’s home page feature to enhance the experience, while also making sure there isn’t some kind of user experience drop-off, especially if it contains important information.


Flash offers an enhanced experience for animations, transitions, music and video management. It’s been there since day one as a supplement to HTML where it’s not enough to create a more complete media experience. It is vector-based, but allows bitmaps to be included where needed, such as when screen capture is required as part of a software tutorial. Flash supports sound, animation and advanced interactivity. One of its biggest advantages is that it is relatively easy to learn, as it provides a designer-friendly creation environment. However, this requires a solid understanding of computer graphics, and advanced features require knowledge of programming or scripting techniques, but this also depends on the flash animation software you choose.

Web designers are also very good at integrating Flash animations with other web technologies. Compared to other ways of displaying multimedia content, it can be extremely bandwidth efficient. Flash has a large developer community (more than 3.5 million developers use the Flash platform) that provides great support for developers. Many pre-made Flash files are available for free or low-cost downloads.

Flash is everywhere. Everyone knows about it and those who don’t have it installed rarely have problems. Of course, there’s nothing to install for HTML5 (when it’s available), but it requires updating browsers or using certain browsers to see videos on certain pages. Much more work than downloading and installing Adobe Flash Player. Flash Player is deployed on more than 99% of Internet-enabled desktop computers in developed markets and across a wide range of devices.

When it comes to videos on websites, Flash Video Player is much more than a simple video player. It’s a tool that, when used properly, offers tremendous flexibility and performance. With features like 3D effects, advanced text support, hardware acceleration and dynamic streaming… Flash has come a long way.

Being a controlled runtime, you can deliver the exact same content across web browsers and platforms without any extra code. It is probably the most popular web browser plugin in the world.

Flash has also become the de facto way to display video on websites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) because of its compression and packaging capabilities, and is a great way to avoid common video codec issues, something completely full-screen, and other features. HTML 5 is still a long way from completion. The HTML 5 video tag will need a lot of work and support before it can compete with Flash. Also, there is the issue of browser support and video file formats, which you are currently doing nothing to address.


What seems to be the biggest annoyance for people is slow performance and lots of unwanted animations and such. As for performance, while it can be controlled by Flash developers, it seems they rarely do it properly. This also reflects the battery life of laptops, which shortens it by 10-20%. When talking to Adobe representatives about this, they say that there are no performance issues with Flash and that it’s all a developer issue.

One factor that worries SEO-focused website developers is that content in Flash animation is lost in search engine rankings. The correct way to use Flash movies on a website is to use an alternate HTML code in the HTML code, both for SEO and accessibility reasons, and to dynamically insert the Flash movie using JavaScript. Unfortunately, most developers ignore accessibility, and when it comes to SEO, the answer is usually “Google is working on indexing Flash movies, so this problem will go away soon”. However, they don’t seem to realize that even if Google and other search engines manage to index your content, if it’s structured with the wrong code and the wrong semantics, it’s impossible to index it properly. , assign appropriate weight to certain terms, etc.

Another problem with Flash is that it appears as a completely independent runtime environment in the web browser, meaning it would work just as well in a standalone Flash player. The effect of this is that if you focus on the Flash movie, all web browser keyboard shortcuts and focus will be lost, and you will have to click outside the Flash area to refocus.

But it’s not just about development factors, it’s also about marketing and end-user experience, where this could be enhanced with a nice use of Flash.

It’s also important to point out that different websites have different goals. Some websites are used entirely to promote a company’s image or to market or promote products and services. On these sites, Flash is an important tool. However, for a customer service website, it is not a good policy to make your company logo a plain Flash animation at the expense of your knowledge base.

Flash is also proprietary. While ownership isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the Internet is built on open standards and mutual ownership. The rise of proprietary applications such as Acrobat and Flash will ultimately threaten the effectiveness of the World Wide Web Consortium and similar bodies, and may even lead to the “browser wars” of the 1990s. However, it would be remiss not to point out that the Flash.SWF format is now in the public domain, and third-party products can be used to create Flash files. New developers have a wide range of choices when it comes to choosing the right flash animation software.


Overall, Flash is more of an advantage than a disadvantage for advertising and websites.

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