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Christian Artist Michael W Smith Plays With the Spirit of Worship

Michael W. Smith has the whole package: incredible talent, good looks and deep faith. It’s easy to become disillusioned with the music business, especially after Smith’s success. However, through his faith and his music, Michael W. Smith is one of the true role models of modern American music.

Michael was born in West Virginia and, like other boys, he loved to play baseball. What made him different was his great affinity for music. He started playing the piano at an unusually young age. He wrote his first song by the age of five. She loved singing in the church choir, and when she reached her teenage years, she felt ready to commit herself to the Lord. He enjoyed a happy childhood, cultivating his musical talent while praising the Lord with a group of Christians living in the area.

Michael hit a low point in his life when his older Christian friends went off to college. Drugs and alcohol took him even lower. When he finally finished high school, he was less than a year into college when he dropped out to become a songwriter. Like his faith, songwriting and experimenting with music brought him a sense of fulfillment and happiness. He was working with some local bands at the time and his passion for music made professional songwriting the perfect career choice.

He signed his first songwriting contract with a publishing house in 1981. He gave up his odd jobs, one of which was helping out at a landscaping business. Michael was first asked to write songs for aspiring musician Amy Grant. He took the job and also worked on his own material. Michael quickly made a name for himself as a successful songwriter for artists such as Bill Gaither and Sandi Patty. Amy Grant’s management approached him to play keyboards on one of her tours, and Michael happily accepted.

Michael produced his first album, The Michael W. Smith, and it was released in 1983. The response was overwhelming and the album was nominated for a Grammy Award. The album was released on Reunion Records, a label started by Amy Grant’s management. Mainstream companies at the time were skeptical about Christian actions, so they started their own company. The label became so successful that in 1995 the music giant BMG Records became its owner.

Michael quickly followed the success of the first album. He worked hard to release three more in 1984, 1986 and 1988. His 1990 offering spawned the mainstream hit “Place in This World.” His albums did well in the 1990s, and in 1996 he founded his own label, Rocketown Records, to promote other Christian musicians.

National tragedies such as the Columbine attack and 9/11 prompted Michael to write music to honor the victims who lost their lives. He became firm friends with the Bush family and U2 frontman and philanthropist Bono. Michael continued to make music into the new millennium and won the GMA Awards Male Vocalist of the Year in 2003. New Michael W. Smith albums were released in 2004 and 2006 to his ever-growing fan base, thanks to Christian youth camps across the country playing his music.

Michael W. Smith’s career so far has been long and distinguished. After recording 22 albums in 2002, including one live album, he cemented his place in the annals of American gospel music. He took home three Grammy Awards, was nominated for nine, and has an incredible 34 Dove Awards to his name. Even if he wasn’t destined for greatness, his musical talent and faith in God made him just that.

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