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Find You Inner Magic

Many people ask, how do I feel alive again, how can I find that sparkle that I see deep in a child’s eyes? What happened to the magic?

What is magic? The web dictionary has a generic definition that seems completely inadequate. According to them, magic occurs when events are caused by supernatural or mysterious forces. Is this really magic? Or is it an aspect of magic?

When we look at the essence of magic, we can use all of our senses to explore what it means to us. As we look up at the sparkling diamonds in the sky… it’s magic. The smell of the rose… magic. The song of the bird.. magic. To feel the whisper of the wind… magic. Magic is creation. Creation is consciousness fueled by imagination. The origins of imagination, consciousness, and creativity still elude academia. The web of imagination, awareness and creativity is interwoven, yet intangible. It is tangible and yet it feels like sand is falling through our fingers. Like the dark matter of the cosmos, it’s there, but you can’t touch it, see it, smell it, or hear it.

So where does it come from? I go back to the time I was in the larch. These gigantic trees with their supports buried deep in the ground, their shoots reaching into the blue infinity. My heart fills with joy to be surrounded by these majestic pillars of ancient wisdom. The soft babbling of the stream lulls you into a feeling of lightness. The cool breeze touched my face as the leaves shimmered softly. I watch the golden-red leaves drift gently and aimlessly towards the water below. And with a silent pause, without violence, they hang out exactly where they were meant to be, carried only by the whim of the wind. It makes you wonder why we lose sight of the magic that surrounds us. We breathe, smell, hear and feel. Sometimes it’s tangible, sometimes it’s not. People are endlessly searching for anecdotes of happiness. The elixir of happiness. The more they search, the further away it gets and the more obsessed they become with our search. In contrast, following the ebb and flow of the wind, the leaf gently drifting to the ground, moving this way and that, without force, without waiting, elegantly and gracefully reaches its destination. Therein lies the magic. Elegance in simplicity, wonder in elegance.

We are all enchanted by fairy tales in all their reported forms. Why is this so? Is it nurturing our inner child or allowing ourselves to tap into the part of our nature that imagines and creates magic? Perhaps this is the seat of our consciousness, the part of us that feels connected to everything. The twinkling of the stars speaks to us in many ways, the question is why? Is this our connection to all that exists—the collective consciousness, or are we romanticizing it? Without the imagination that fuels creativity, our world would seem dull, empty and linear. Just imagine for a day what it would be like to not listen to music, look at the beauty of nature and hide in a closed environment, what happens? We feel isolated, depressed and uncomfortable. Science has shown us time and time again how this affects not only humans, but animals as well. It proves that isolation is not our natural state, nor is it the natural state of the ecosystem to which we are inextricably intertwined. If we have capacity, we can inevitably avoid isolation. Yes, if we close our eyes and go within, we are able to discover the inner dimensions that exist within us that we are a part of, but we are so busy with the “business” of life that we forget these inner parts of us. which are waiting to be discovered. If we allow ourselves to do this, we open the flower from the budding stage to the blooming stage. And once we have access to this inner magic, it attracts even more, and over time we can explore the inner depths with ease and great joy. Our attachment protects us from this inner realm. This blockage is just the outer shell of the underlying emotion – fear. Fear is what holds us back from reaching ourselves and others. Where there is fear, there is resistance. Where there is resistance, the body tenses up and we move towards who we think we are. In a calm state, we move towards who we really are. So we have seen that short-term isolation with tools has its place. What happens when we have an inner magical experience and acknowledge and accept within ourselves the gifts we thought we never had? We are refreshed, refocused and renewed. When we reach out to ourselves, life and others – it is. In fact, when our consciousness meets another, we connect not only on a physical level, but also on a subtle level. The subtlety of this fusion is where magic happens. We have been conditioned to cognitively receive and connect with others. Here we are waiting to find our inner self and the meaning and understanding of life. This view is unbalanced. Our mind-body complex is through which we find the meaning of life. When we disconnect from this part of ourselves, we lose the magic of life and our senses show us the mundanity of life. it is the art of receiving information through this body and nervous system, resulting in feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions give us important information, but by transcending them we are able to move into a higher state of consciousness and become our greatest potential. If we allow them to be beacons on this dimensional plane, but pass through them, because emotions are not constant, they are dynamic. As we flow and meander like the river of life, we begin to see the magic around us, in us and in others, because we dream our reality. We are the ones making it up as we go along. What dream do you have and when something happens in life, what do you learn?

So the next time you find yourself isolated, or when something happens, ask yourself, am I given the opportunity to find the gifts within me? And if this resonates with you and you need support and help, turn to those and the ways that are available, you will find what guides you and allows you to find your inner magic. Because you dream yourself into existence. How will you shape your dreams? Be yours, be yours. Take responsibility because you are the dream, look around and see that you are the one who gives meaning to everything around you – what meaning will you give? When you react to something, why is it there? What needs to be learned, after all, you created it, so does it have a purpose? The next time you go out, look around and see what your dream looks like from the sky to the mall. We all have different dreams, we all create our own reality. Look within and know where your dream is born. It is in the ego mind or the divine mind. The ego mind is undeveloped and clings to fears, while the divine mind is a higher vibration and brings peace, love and kindness to self and others. You choose.

I want to remind you that magic is the feeling of inspiration, delight, and wonder, so the next time you feel the mundanity of life creeping in, remember that magic happens in the space between conscious thoughts and the present moment. When we find the magic within ourselves, we find gratitude for all that we have. A state of gratitude transcends all that is not for our good. Look for the magic within yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you find!

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