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From the Editor – Creative Counseling – The Mozart Effect

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin exposed lab rats to a little Mozart, according to a report published this summer. In a seemingly undergraduate research project, rats raised in a nocturnal sound bath of Mozart (Piano Sonata, K 448) learned to run mazes faster than genetically identical animals to contemporary music by Philip Glass or white noise. According to the researchers, who have previously studied the effects of Mozart’s music on college students and preschoolers, this work could have significant implications for educational and enrichment programs. Some of the earlier work, which became known as the Mozart Effect, led to a small industry of authors and consultants trying to ambitiously sell the benefits of exposure to their children or even the maze-running ability of Mozart-saturated rats. it is far from Christian counseling. However, other researchers are investigating the effects of music on spatial thinking and cognitive abilities in fields as diverse as mathematics, architecture, the visual arts, and stress management. I don’t need research like this to convince me that music has a calming effect on my life. Years ago I became interested in environmental psychology and read all about the positive and negative effects of noise, colors, nature, furniture and interior design. These external influences do not solve problems, but they have a powerful role in creating or reducing tension, influencing our worship, and supplementing our counsel.

Keeping creativity in perspective: I am one of those counselors who is energized by using music and other forms of art to enrich counseling. The Mozart effect and its consequences fascinate me. Creativity, challenges and change inspire and motivate. I am excited to think of innovative ways to make Christian counseling more effective and relevant to the churches and clients we work with. But this kind of enthusiasm for creativity must be tempered with several caveats. First, creativity is individualistic. Some people are less creative than others. They work best within defined parameters. They don’t respond well to challenges from people like me who preach the value of forging new frontiers or responding to managed care by finding creative new ways to help. Creativity is not for everyone.

Second, a creative approach to counseling is not always necessary and always helpful. Innovation for the sake of innovation can lead to abandoning established procedures and substitute techniques that are new and different but unproven. Some counseling methods have worked well over the years. It is worth keeping them because they are proven and effective. Third, creative approaches to counseling must be subjected to rigorous biblical and scientific evaluation. Almost anything we can do in counseling, even crazy headline-grabbing therapies, will help some people in some cases if the caregiver is enthusiastic, empathetic, and a good salesperson. But success stories combined with a few case histories do not provide sufficient evidence of the effectiveness of new or creative methods. Counselors in general, and Christian counselors in particular, were quick to popularize their methods, but very slow to evaluate their procedures carefully, systematically, and (for Christians) biblically. Creativity in counseling without careful evaluation can be disastrous.

Today, the counseling literature is full of new age theories and techniques. As we read about creative methods, we should not jump in and assume that what is new and innovative is automatically better. Instead, we can be open to new and creative ideas, encourage creative people who are trying to forge new counseling boundaries, but be careful not to too quickly adopt methods that are unproven or ineffective. Find a therapist who can help you solve your problems.

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