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Hip-Hop Uncovered Part I – An Inside Look At Hip-Hop’s Newest Regime

For more than three decades, hip-hop has evolved beyond a musical genre into a lifestyle that has sex appeal and worldwide influence in everything from movies to fashion, houses and vehicles. Hip-hop is a formidable genre for conservative music lovers, both influential and highly controversial. While many industry critics object to the lyrics, brazenness, loudness, and lack of values ​​in the video’s themes, industry advocates embrace hip-hop’s diversity.

“Hip-hop is undeniably one of the most powerful tools we can use to reach some of our youth and present the ideals of our mission,” said North Carolina Central University (NCCU) Chancellor James Ammons. In addition to co-sponsoring the Hip Hop Music Summit with Atlantic Records, the school also offers a Hip-Hop 101 course taught by rap pioneer Christopher “Play” Martin. Commenting on the initiative, Sharon Saunders, NCCU’s assistant chancellor for public relations, advised: “We wanted to have a discussion about rap and whether it’s going in the right direction. Are there other ways to express ourselves in rap other than exploiting women and romanticizing crime?” ?”

Fearing the consequences of changing their method and/or message (declining fan base, ultimately resulting in decreased sales), artists fail to realize that hip-hop’s mass appeal is simply a launching pad for something bigger. Echoing Ammons and Saunders, a hip-hop fan declares, “People mostly just want to hear good music to get them through the day. So it’s fine to keep the method—just change the message.”

Holy Hip Hop 101

Maintaining a method while conveying a different message is holy hip-hop. The release of words wrapped in pulsating beats is similar to sacred hip-hop music. The artists skillfully combine hip-hop’s lyrical and socially conscious rap origins with gospel and urban themes. Some even combine hip-hop with crunk, R&P (rhythm and praise is called an alternative to rhythm and blues), pop and/or soul. In addition to taking a diverse approach and taking social responsibility to the public, sacred hip-hop artists set a standard where young people in particular are encouraged to have fun and be themselves without compromising good values.

News to most hip-hop fans is that sacred hip-hop emerged alongside rap in the late 1980s. While he has toured the genre in many state and international circles over the past year, the genre has gained media attention through Newsweek, Jet, Geraldo at Large, Reuters, The Source blog, CNN, and the Associated Press. The momentum was so great that the National Recording Academy of Arts and Sciences added a Grammy category for Best Rock or Best Gospel Rap. * According to the Gospel Music Association, the growth in rock and gospel rap sales is largely due to churches embracing diversity in music to appeal to youth and adults.

One of the most significant pioneers of sacred hip-hop is a group called Gospel Gangstas. Founded in 1989 by South Central Los Angeles native and former gang member Mr. Solo. Members of the group include Chille’ Baby and Tik Tokk. From a life of “selling crack, drive-by shootings, carjacking, and illicit sex,” “gangstaz” has become part of a growing group of sacred hip-hop artists who address life’s themes and outer challenges. from traditional gospel music. Atlanta movement’s top influencers Canton Jones, Big Ran, and eDDie Velez help explore hip-hop’s newest system.

Canton Jones for platinum Two-time Grammy nominee and rising platinum artist, Jones Canton the epitome of versatility. With songs ranging from hip-hop to R&P to soul, CJ, as he’s known, can be described as a full-package artist. His ability to generate music that spans almost all ages and genres is amazing.

Jones is a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal coach from Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Morehouse College alum is best known for creating situational texts related to everyday life. His touring credentials include tours in the US and abroad in Africa, Denmark, Poland, Russia, etc. given concerts. In addition to being captivating, Jones’ music is exciting, thought provoking and completely entertaining.

The versatile artist started making music at the age of 16. Like many of his peers, he found it challenging to enjoy the hip-hop lifestyle without compromising his core values. After being introduced to sacred hip-hop in 2001, Jones’ life took a sudden turn.

Jones found that he could use his talents to convey a clear message, entertain and encourage his audience. While it’s a challenge to produce music that’s both fun and clean, from Jones’ point of view, sacred hip-hop music is the best fit. “You have to be more creative not to swear. You have to be more creative to keep [your attention] without using sexual content [etc.]. It’s a challenge to do [holy hip hop] and still ‘hot’, but we accept the challenge.”

From her second album, The Password: Access Granted, the single “Cute” encourages dating without compromise or indiscretion. Jones’ third album, Love Jones, peaked at number 23 on Billboard’s top gospel chart in its first weeks after its release. Jones, the album is named after her daughter, Love Angel Jones, and an expression of God’s love.

Jones’ message is about love because he says, “It’s real.” “If you genuinely feel the love – that you’re there to help, people will be more receptive and relate to it. That’s one of the things that always gets people – the fact that you love them.”

The A&A road Redefining the image of sacred hip-hop it is Big Ran’s Target. “The style of our relationships through music is different from others because we tend to take a more personal approach to life,” advised Ran.

He is best known for his roles in the various projects of Mr. Del (of Three 6 Mafia fame), Lil iROCC and Canton Jones. Ran wants to do holy hip-hop, like A&A (his label).” build a relationship with our listeners by encouraging them instead of preaching to them. We want our listeners to know that we are real people living real lives just like them . We love God as they do.”

Born in San Francisco, California, before becoming a holy hip-hop artist, Ran was involved in the main pillars of street life, including smoking, drugs, alcohol, pornography, violence, theft and eventually prison. The events of 911 forced Ran to turn his life around and the music he listened to. “The music I was listening to at the time had a huge influence on my decisions… I think my goal is to use music to make people do good, just as music used to make me do bad early on. “

Ran’s debut compilation album, The A&A Way, features a host of hip-hop saints including Canton Jones, Mouthpiece, Kay Bizzy, Mr. Del, Da Fam, and Adrien the Rock Star. According to Ran, the album is “motivating and aggressive at times” as the themes of the songs vary. He describes the album as “soft, soothing, danceable, catchy and thought-provoking”. The uniquely packaged album combines elements of Southern bounce, R&P, and East and West coast hip-hop.

Also known for his nu-life-soul music projects, the holy hip-hop artist Ran’s pattern promotes first-class living standards as well as positive reality. “Music should be related to current situations, [environments]and life’s problems without being negative,” he advised.

New Testament eDDie Velez television and radio personality and host of the Holy Hip-Hop syndicate. He is also the founder of The Fellowship of Holy Hip-Hop, which has been supporting the development of holy hip-hop for 11 years.

Velez’s industry experience dates back 26 years, when hip-hop was known as rap and was only played on Mr. Magic’s Friday night radio show. According to Velez, this was when a good time was nothing more than “a DJ, two turntables, records and a rapper to keep the party moving.”

Born in Jersey City, New Jersey, Velez is the new testament to the sacred hip-hop movement. Even though he started rapping in 1981, Velez didn’t get on the sacred hip-hop circuit until 1998 when he debuted on Hot 97.5’s sacred hip-hop radio pilot in Atlanta. Before the program, Velez spent most of his time on the streets, where he was promised everything except peace and good health. In 1993, Velez’s life turned completely upside down and he committed himself to living for God.

In addition to his role in the media, Velez is currently the Senior Director of Youth Development at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church under the direction of Bishop Eddie Long. Its service reaches approximately 1,200 young people and young adults every week. True to his musical roots and energetic personality, Velez incorporates elements of hip-hop into everything he does, including graffiti fonts in his PowerPoint presentations. His natural ability to spit rhymes is so fluid that it even comes through in his responses. He often surprises his young listeners, who soon realize that neither his age and experience, nor his status as a youth minister, have anything to do with his ability to vibrate.

Velez, who has spoken with many prominent artists throughout his career, encourages the diverse approach of sacred hip-hop artists. For Velez, from encouragement to encouragement, the impact on society is most important. “At the end of the day, I have to ask, is my service making society better or worse?” he noted. The message matches the music, beats and flow. According to Velez, the motive behind holy hip-hop is to “pick up the microphone and encourage people in Christ.” With Christ as his life now, Velez testifies, “This is it. It’s here.”

Sacred hip-hop artists are subconscious in nature, like images in a photo album, they leave a lasting impression on listeners’ minds. Together, the artists prove that hip-hop is a musical genre that can easily adapt to different cultures. As hip-hop continues to evolve, it will surely expand to encompass the sacred regime, whose artists, lyrics, beats, flava and flow have already made a global impact.

part: The source talks to the pioneers of hip-hop, Curtis Kurtis Blow” Walker and Christopher “Play” Martin about their role in holy hip-hop: [].

*The award for Best Rock or Best Gospel Rap was presented at the 49th Grammy Awards on February 11, 2007.

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