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How I Passed the CSET….Little Tips and Pointers That Made the Difference Between Pass and Failure

CSET – Path to a rewarding career!

Few careers can provide the same level of responsibility, satisfaction, and fulfillment as teaching for California educators. Every day, thousands of teachers in California help their students study, learn and achieve their dreams.

Good teachers create great lives

Teachers can touch lives in ways no one else can. Everyone remembers at least one teacher who provided them with encouragement and inspiration, the help and advice they needed just when they needed it most.

You are one small step away from being such a teacher.

Good teachers also lead great lives

But teachers don’t just inspire and educate. As a teacher, you will enjoy the respect of family and friends and the social status afforded to few other professionals. Long paid vacations await you, which you can use to travel the world or achieve your own goals. And you’ll have an income that means independence and a career path that can lead you from challenge to success.

Right now, only your CSET test stands between you and a rewarding career teaching, leading and inspiring students.

Pass the CSET exam, pass the CSET test knowledge

The CSET exam is a series of subject tests designed to demonstrate to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing that you have the CSET test core knowledge and ability to teach the subject in the classroom. There is also a CSET Multiple Subject exam required for K-8 certification.

There is currently a

  • CSET mathematics
  • CSET English
  • CSET Social Science
  • CSET Science
  • CSET Spanish
  • CSET Business
  • CSET Health Sciences
  • CSET Household
  • CSET Physical Education
  • CSET French
  • CSET Spanish
  • CSET German
  • CSET Industrial and technological education
  • CSET Art
  • CSET Agriculture

    With hard work and – just as importantly – proper CSET test preparation, you will find it easy to pass the CSET and start your teaching career.

    What you need to know about CSET

    Whatever subject you wish to teach, passing the CSET test requires two skills: recalling CSET knowledge related to your subject; and answering exam questions quickly and accurately.

    Both skill sets are vital on the CSET.

    What is CSET?

    The CSET is a subject test that replaced the old Single Subject Assessments for Teaching and Praxis II tests. There are three types of tests in CSET:

    A teaching certificate for a subject mainly 7-12. are used in class and authorize the teacher to teach a specific subject.

    Teaching certificate for several subjects they allow teachers to teach a variety of subjects and are commonly used in elementary schools K-6.

    Education Expert Education Certificate enables teachers to teach students who have special disabilities or special needs in grades K-12.

    Each CSET exam contains a number of sub-tests and lasts up to five hours. However, the subtests themselves are not timed, so you can spend more time on areas you find difficult and less time on the parts you know best.

    Timing will be an important element in scoring the CSET exam and becoming a teacher.

    Two kinds of questions, two kinds of challenges

    There are two forms of CSET exam questions: multiple choice questions we ask you to choose the best answer from a number of options. In these questions, it is important to note that a best the answer is not necessarily the only one correct answer. Two CSET exam answers may appear correct, but one answer will be more correct like the other. (This also means that if two answers look the same, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing the correct one.)

    CSET questions with constructed answers ask to speak, describe, analyze, explain, etc. Often asked to multitask. Always read the question carefully and make sure you have completed all the tasks.

    CSET Test Tips for Essay Writing

    CSET Test Preparation – Fast and efficient stuffing

    Whatever your subject, the CSET exam expects you to memorize a huge amount of information. You know some of the CSET information well because you use it every day. But most of the details you’ll come up with on the exam will be knowledge that usually has you flipping through books to find the answer.

    In CSET you should be able to recall these facts from memory. That means it can crowd.

    Best methods to complete your CSET test preparation quickly

    At some point, almost everyone finds themselves cramming for exams. It may not be the best way to study, but it’s often the only way to pass the exam.

    There are many effective techniques to fill your head with the information you need to pass the CSET exam.

    1. Get your priorities in order

    No one excels at everything. There will inevitably be subjects in which you are stronger and others you are weaker in. You should make sure that you spend more time memorizing and learning the weaker areas than learning the stronger areas of the CSET.

    Don’t worry if there seems to be a huge difference between the amount of work you need to do and the time it takes to do it. The next step is to break down the work and preparation required to pass the CSET.

    2. Selection and storage for CSET

    Once you’ve identified the areas that need the most work, read through all the information once. Highlight the most important points (don’t just underline: it’s easier to imagine a highlighted page than an underlined sentence).

    There are several different methods you can use to store CSET exam information in your head:

    She Breakup which you have to learn in bite-sized pieces. There is a limit to how much you can load into your short-term memory in one go. Take each piece one at a time.

    She Acrostics turn them into odd sentences to help you remember a list in the correct order. My dear Aunt Sally’s famous way of remembering multiplication and division before addition and subtraction. You can create your own acrostic for any set of facts in CSET.

    She Turn your CSET notes into musical sounds. If you can put the words you’re trying to memorize to a tune you like, you’ll be able to remember them much easier. You may not be able to hum in the exam, but you can sing in the shower – and keep memorizing for the CSET while you’re at it;

    3. Get the CSET!
    Compression puts the desired information in your head only for a short time (if you use the memorized content, it will stay there for a long time). In order to avoid losing what you have memorized before the CSET exam, you need to constantly see it and go through it until you need it on the day.

    Acing A CSET

    The actual content of the exam depends on the subject you want to teach. The official CSET study guides tell you what you need to know before entering the CSET exam hall. You must be familiar with the CSET guidelines that apply to you.

    However, what the CSET study guides don’t tell you is how to ace the CSET if you’re not sure about the answer. It’s not because you can’t do it; it’s because they don’t want you to know how to do it.

    Here are 5 ways to ace the CSET (even if you don’t know the answer)
    1. Do the easy questions first

    Use the first few minutes of the exam to flip through the paper. You will definitely find certain questions easier than others. Do these immediately. This will make you feel a little better and give you more time for the tough questions. And if you find yourself stuck on a question, mark it, leave it, and move on. Come back at the end when you have more time, more focus and less panic.

    2. Use a process of elimination
    This is absolutely mandatory for all multiple choice questions. There will always be a question or two that is outrageously bad. Knock them out quickly and your score will double.

    3. Drop extreme language and numbers
    One way to pick out the bad answers from the good ones is to look at the wording of the answers. Examiners generally prefer a correct answer to a wishful answer. Any answer that uses words like ‘all’, ‘never’ or ‘always’ is likely to be incorrect. Similarly, in math and science questions, the highest and lowest numbers are also usually bad choices. Take them out.

    4. Identify similar answers

    Another way to choose the correct answer is to choose the answers that look the same. In the CSET exam, there will usually be two extreme answers, one that seems correct and the other that is correct.

    The one that looks good is purposely put there to confuse you.

    The examiners hope that as you rush through the exam, you will not notice that there is a better answer next to it and make the wrong choice. It’s mean, but it’s actually doing you a favor. If two answer options look similar, one of them is likely to be correct.

    5. Use previous questions

    One of the great things about long exams like the CSET is that the answer to one question is often found in another part of the test. It will be almost impossible for examiners not to repeat a subject or duplicate a point. If you’re scratching your head over a question, move on and keep an eye on it later. There is a good chance that the game will be given on a different issue.

    These are just five simple tactics to ace the CSET test. There are dozens of others, and you’ll need all of them to be in the classroom and in front of the blackboard. To learn all the tactics you need to make sure your CSET preparation is on track, check out our study guide and start your teaching career with great scores.

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