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How to Become a Singer in Dubai

How to become a singer in Dubai Guide

Dubai is a fantastic place in the Middle East, rich in prosperity and opportunities for new and existing businesses to flourish. Dubai is a great place for entertainers and singers to perform and be successful full-time in the art they love.

But what does it take to be a singer in Dubai and what do you need to know as an entertainer who wants to break into the Dubai entertainment industry?

As a professional singer and entertainer in Dubai, I have compiled what I have discovered and learned during my travels and what I have experienced while having fun in the UAE.

Before we get started, I want to make it clear that I’m not just a nobody. I was a professional singer and entertainer all over the world finally settled in the beautiful city of Dubai. Dubai has some of the most fantastic restaurants, beaches and top entertainment options.

Filled with restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and entertainment venues, there has never been a better place for entertainers, bands and singers to fulfill their potential.

Follow the simple steps below to give your singing career the best possible chance of success in the UAE:

Create a promotional CD

Every venue and agency wants to hear your voice before they book you. Making a CD of 5-10 tracks will be enough for them to make an informed decision before signing up.

Dubai has many recording studios in and around the city in places like Deira, Downtown and Abu Dhabi.

Make sure you have a wide variety of different genres so you’re open to more options and venues.

Get professional photos

There’s nothing worse than being left empty-handed when an agency or venue asks for professional photos.

Hire a photographer to take high resolution images that you can use in any promotion, website and social media.

Get on social media

It is important to start building a following as soon as possible. Create fan pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter where people can find you and watch your live performances. Allow your fans to share and comment on it to get as much exposure as possible.

Be sure to reply to comments and indicate future performance dates. Remember that venues need to be filled to keep singing there!

Print some business cards

Another extremely awkward and unprofessional time is when a potential client or venue asks for your business card and you don’t have one to hand.

You will find that business cards are still extremely popular in the UAE. This is probably due to the multicultural population of Dubai and the UAE. A good company that offers affordable business card printing is DESCO.

A professional and attractive business card is the fastest way to get your contacts in the right hands and generate business.

Make sure that the following information is printed on the business cards:

· Make it clear what you offer

· Your name

· Contact numbers

· E-mail address

· Website address

Creating a website

Countless agencies have asked me if I have a website they can refer their clients to. Online portfolios are quickly becoming the future for many performing artists.

Your website should look professional, be easy to navigate and search for information, embed or link to tracks, and have professional images.

Adding a video of any live performance to your website is also a powerful advertising tool.

Visit the locations

Dress up and put on your best shoes! It’s time to get out there and start visiting locations to pump up the business.

A simple visit to restaurants, bars, golf clubs and nightclubs is a great start. Request an appointment with the entertainment manager at each location.

It is always wise to call the venue before your visit to ensure that the person you need to speak to will be present when you visit them.

Register with an agency or entertainment company

It really goes without saying, but it’s surprising that when I meet other singers who are just starting their careers, they tell me that they have yet to do this.

The benefit of registering with an entertainment agency in Dubai is that they can find you additional work in the region. Some of the work may be one-time and temporary, but it still generates income for you. So much so that you can make more money with one-off shows than with a regular residency gig. (crazy right?)


Networking has always been key to success in any business venture. This is no different in the UAE entertainment industry. It’s more about who you know than what you know, and I’ve witnessed some extremely bad performers and singers in Dubai making more money than good singers, and here’s why.

Attend open mic nights and networking events for singers and bands in Dubai. These are great places to get your name out there and team up with other musicians who share the same passion for music as you.

Sing with a band in Dubai

Some say there is nothing better than hearing a Dubai band and an exceptional singer together. And I agree with that. Great bands have serious earning potential in UAE cities.

Finding a band or other musicians can be quite simple. Post an ad on your local supermarket community board or attend open mic nights and networking with band members or bands is the way forward.

How much does a professional singer earn in Dubai?

The sky’s the limit. A new singer on the Dubai scene can typically expect to earn between Dhs1,500 and Dhs2,000 per gig, but this can go up depending on how good and sought after they are.

As always, larger venues tend to pay more than smaller ones. Hotels and iconic venues will be willing to pay more depending on the quality of the show.

I really hope that the information gathered in this guide will help equip you with the right tools to become a successful singer in Dubai. If you would like more information about me, please visit my website below and remember that sound comes first.

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