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Important Learning Tips That You Must Follow While Learning Guitar

The guitar has always been seen as an instrument associated with glitz and glamour, and was seen by many as an instrument to impress girls or show off on stage. And they think that this instrument is very easy to play, and their favorite guitar icons belt out fast solos without any practice, and they think that only their talent makes them play with ease. It cannot be denied that talent must obviously play a part in mastering an art or skill, but few know that it is their determination; their limitless amount of hard work and undying passion for learning and practicing the instrument, which has helped them soar as guitarists.

The misconception

Having a wrong idea about the guitar in your mind can ruin your dreams when you finally start learning, and it can lead to complete disappointment and despair when you can’t play the way you expected in a short time. Then the most immediate thing happens: you give up learning the guitar completely! And the hard-earned money you spent on expensive guitars and amps is gone! Therefore, it is very important that you are well informed about the reality and how to learn this beautiful instrument, the guitar, before you lay your hands on it.

This article provides valuable tips for studying.

The truth

All the glitz and glamor aside, learning the guitar is just like learning any other instrument, art or skill in that it requires an awful lot of hard work, a step-by-step learning approach, a lot of discipline, diligence and proper study to achieve some level of success as a guitarist. If you’ve ever thought that playing the guitar was a natural talent or a walk in the park, you better change that now!

Study tips you should take

There are some basic guitar learning tips you should follow to make your dreams come true! And here are some of them.

What guitar should I buy?

Are you a serious guitar student or just a hobbyist who just wants to learn a few chords and play them on your bedroom wall for fun? You should first decide what you want to do with your guitar before buying yourself an expensive guitar, amp and/or effects pedal. If playing the guitar is just a pastime for you, then a cheap acoustic guitar is enough. Start practicing for a few months and get comfortable with it, see if he likes to play with it and spend more time exploring it, see if his interest increases during this period. If so, you can buy a basic electric guitar and an amp. That’s more than enough for a hobby.

And if you’re a serious guitar student who wants to make it big in the music world, you definitely have to approach it with professionalism, discipline and dedication. But it’s still better to start with a basic set of guitar and amp until you need an expensive set. Again, it all depends on your budget, if you can afford it, why not buy the gear of your choice?

Where and how should I start learning guitar?

Well, many of you can head straight to to find free video lessons to get you started. But if you are a complete beginner, I would never recommend this method. You can only help yourself from being overwhelmed by clearing the basics step by step. But you should definitely explore this path to its fullest if you’re an intermediate or advanced player, it’s a huge wealth of lessons/songs and ideas to tap into.

In order to achieve a high level of success as a guitarist, it is very important that you learn logically, first starting with the basics, then intermediate, and finally all the way to advanced concepts.

The best logical approach to learning guitar would be the following.

– Knowing the guitar

– Scales

– Chords

– Advanced concepts

Music theory plays an important role in becoming a very successful guitarist, so it is very important that you learn music theory from day one. This will not only help you become a great guitarist, but also an extremely versatile, flexible and versatile musician. Music theory saves a lot, especially when you play with other musicians in a band.

What are the best ways to improve your guitar’s speed, versatility and ability?

Playing fast solos, quick chord changes or progressions and melodic licks on your guitar is every aspiring guitarist’s dream. To make this dream come true, you just need to follow these steps.

Goal-Oriented Exercises – All exercise, no matter how long or short, should be aimed at achieving a specific goal or objective. This could be a personal improvement effort, a speed-building exercise, or an exercise to learn strumming and certain chord shapes. Whatever the task, it should be result-oriented. You need to make good use of your practice time without making a fool of yourself.

Practicing Scales – This is the first step to playing fast licks and solos. Take any scale and practice it slowly, if possible with a metronome. A metronome can greatly improve timing and perfection. Never be impatient to play faster, it takes time to build muscle memory, so be patient, stay consistent and try to spend at least 1-2 hours a day practicing the scales up and down the scroll board. It’s also a great way to improve your finger strength and dexterity.

You can take this skill up a notch and try to play the scale using the entire board. This can help you get out of the rut of locking yourself into one position on the board. This skill will be very useful when you are trying to create your own solos.

If you can’t squeeze in 1 or 2 hours a day, a half hour practice can be very rewarding, but the higher the better. Also, make sure you don’t miss a connection for days. Regularity is the key!

Practice Chords – Chords are just as important as scales and form the backbone of any musical composition. So, as a guitarist, you should be proficient in this skill. You need to be able to play different chord shapes and change them quickly on the board. And this requires a lot of practice.

The best way to practice chords is to practice a 12 bar blues progression in different keys (or scales)

After you start your first workout, your fingertips will definitely hurt and your shoulders will hurt, don’t push yourself, just take a break for a day or two and keep going, but never give up and you will notice in a few days. that your fingertips have grown thicker so you can slide and bend the strings with ease, and that your shoulders have adjusted to the new demands on your body. Over time, your fingers will develop strength and dexterity to play the guitar.

Listening and Replication – Listening to many solos and other guitarists, especially professional guitar players, and replicating them on your own is essential to developing your creativity, versatility and instrumental skills. You can learn a lot of new techniques and patterns if you do this regularly. You can also hone your eavesdropping learning skills. YouTube is an excellent resource for this.

If you want to learn a new fast solo or fast chord change pattern, practice it slowly until you get up to speed naturally – you need to give yourself enough time to build up the muscle memory for your fingers (both hands) to be able to pick the strings and slide your fingers along naturally on the fingerboard. Never be impatient to play it so quickly and perfectly, once you start practicing, you will definitely get it slow and steady if you are patient and consistent.

Who are the best guitarists in the world that I can learn from?

Some of the best players you can look up to as role models are Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, Eric Clapton and BB King. Of course, there are many other great guitarists out there, but I highly recommend these absolute virtuosos, in every sense, that I have listed above. Go to, search for their videos and try playing them on your instrument. Believe me; you will learn many new and exciting things from them.

Who are the best guitar teachers on YouTube?

One of the best guitar teachers I really admire on YouTube is Marty Schwartz, who has an incredible ability to break down difficult things into easy-to-eat pieces. Justin Sandercoe is another extremely talented online guitar teacher.

The 5 pillars of learning guitar are patience, determination, regularity, hard work and a desire to explore. If you have these 5 qualities, you will reach unimaginable heights as a guitarist and musician.

If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your guitar friends. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article. I am sure this article will help you on your guitar journey.

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