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Improvisation in Music: Is that What Your Soul is Saying or are You Just Regurgitating?

As a fan of all kinds of music, I’ve seen quite a few concerts, from the heaviest metal to the quietest folk to the funkiest jazz. I love all kinds of concerts, but there are always some that are extremely impressive and exciting. These concerts are the ones that involve a lot of improvisation. There’s something much more exciting about a dynamic show that’s constantly changing than a show where you know the band probably played almost the same thing per note the night before. I think that without improvisation we lose the essence of music; to be an expression of the soul.

What is improvisation?

When you improvise in music, you basically create on the fly or write music on the spot. Instead of following a preset vocal structure or pattern, you can develop your own melody or countermelody on the spot as the song plays.

In jazz, improvisation is seen in its purest form, as jazz is built around different soloists taking turns to improvise something impressive. Classical has the least room for improvisation, as you usually perform a piece of music as written. However, you can still add new elements to the performance by developing your own dynamics and expression. In modern rock and roll, improvisation is typically seen in the form of solos or lead roles, although not nearly as much today as in the 1960s and 1970s.

Whatever music you add and develop during the performance is what makes the performance live, dynamic and exciting.

Why does music need improvisation?

Music seems to be the most direct connection between the human soul and the “real world”. It crosses all boundaries by evoking emotions and communicating ideas without necessarily using words or language. Musicians can evoke and express any emotion by playing the right notes with the right inflection.

In a live performance, by simply changing certain aspects of a song, certain inflections, a musician can take the same song and evoke new emotions with each performance. These changes are a direct expression of the musician and a direct connection to their soul. Improvisation allows the most freedom of expression for the musician, allowing them to express exactly what they want at any given moment.

Without improvisation, whether with the tiniest inflectional changes or major changes in chord progression or melody, a live performance is just plain old reproduction of what the composer intended and wrote/recorded. Why go see a live performance when you can hear the same thing by listening to a recording? Music needs improvisation so that musicians can perform the piece as an expression of their soul and give dynamic, exciting performances.

Why should you develop improvisational skills?

As a musician, it is important to develop and practice improvisation because it makes playing more enjoyable, allows for greater expression, and improves your skills. Music lives in our soul and adding a little improvisation to our music can make an ordinary song an expression of our soul and what that song means to us.

Improvisation also makes performances much more dynamic and unique. Anyone can rehearse a piece a million times and play it perfectly, but it’s just the regurgitation of what they’ve learned, there’s no soul, no excitement, no feeling. Real musicians embrace that piece, and then when it’s played for an audience, the audience gets a glimpse into the musician’s soul and passion as the musician takes the song in whatever direction they see fit.

Improvisation is basically writing music off the cuff and so can help with songwriting or composition. It can help you learn your instrument better when you begin to recognize how certain techniques affect the sound of the music and the emotions it evokes. Then when you want to evoke those emotions to express your feelings, you will know which techniques will be most effective.

How can you improve your improvisation skills as a musician?

The easiest way to improve improvisation is to practice. It can be as simple as an exercise, and instead of rehearsing a piece, just play what you feel. You can try writing a melody and then improvising on it, start with an existing song and add your own touches, or just start from scratch and let the improvisation run free.

Make sure to either play with other people or with a background music. This will help you take the time and develop the skills to express exactly what you want on command. It’s easy to improvise something effective when you have time to work on it, but knowing how to do it during a song when you need it takes practice.

Try and listen to all kinds of music because you can find little tonal developments and improvisational techniques that you can develop, expand and use in your own playing. At the same time, don’t get caught up in what other people are playing. Every person is unique, so the way they express themselves through an instrument will be unique. You don’t have to use a million sounds or any specific technique just because that’s how your idol plays. It is important to develop your own style.

Don’t be afraid to take risks with your game and be adventurous. Those moments when we let go, risk it all, and take risks with our game are pure expressions of the soul.

It is important to have fun and play what you love, but be open to new techniques, otherwise your musical development may stagnate.

Learning to improvise on any instrument takes time and an intimate knowledge of the instrument. It’s not easy, but over time, your instrument can become a direct connection to your soul, so that when you want to express yourself, you can easily and freely.

Conclusions about improvisation:

For me, music without improvisation isn’t really worth the trouble. The same effect can easily be created by a robot or a machine. When a musician improvises, the performance is dynamic and exciting, which is why I go to concerts year after year.

As a musician, I can attest to how difficult it is to learn to improvise on any instrument, but the way you express yourself makes it worth it. There is no greater feeling than taking a song in a new direction and adding your own emotion and soul on the spot.

If you are a musician, I encourage you to further study improvisation in your music and recognize its importance. If you’re not a musician, maybe this has inspired you to become one, or simply recognize the important improvisational games in creating powerful, dynamic music.

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