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Kaye Styles Feature Article

Belgium is not only a good place for chocolate. Although many ladies would find newcomer Kaye Styles a pleasant proposition. Kaye Styles, born Kwasi Gyasi in Ghana on November 8, 1981, immigrated with his parents from West Africa to Belgium at the age of five. After her parents were deported, Kaye was forced to live in hiding for three years with a Belgian couple who did not have official papers from the government. It wasn’t easy for her, but after all these years, her parents were allowed to live in Belgium and returned, but Kaye officially stayed with her foster parents until her 18th birthday.

A positive attitude coupled with his passion for music kept young Kwasi alive, music was his way of escaping the world, communicating and reaching out to other people. As a teenager, Kaye (short for Kwasi) started going to parties and clubs and noticed that some DJs brought an MC with them.

When Kaye combined her MC skills with the music she was surrounded by, she realized she wanted to do the same. Kaye combined MCing, rapping and singing with his silky vocals and people couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Was that young man really doing all of this next to the DJ? People who frequented the clubs where Kaye performed began to ask him how it was possible to combine different kinds of “styles” while giving him a unique effect.

Kaye Styles’ reputation began to build quickly and strongly in the underground scene. After performing at a friend’s club (his future manager), Kaye began to realize that he could be more than an MC and achieve more by presenting his own written and composed songs. At the age of 22, Kaye recorded her first demo song, Crazy. Kaye soon joined Mostiko Records, offering him five albums. He started recording his “own” songs with professional producers and engineers.

Three months later, in the summer of 2004, Kaye flew to Los Angeles to shoot her first video for her single Gimme the Mic. The track became a top 20 hit on the European Billboard and people wanted to hear more. Kaye’s first album, True definition of Styles, was released in October 2004. The label released two other singles from the album, both of which reached the top 50 on Billboard. Kaye Styles began touring in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Morocco, reaching and touching fans in places he never dreamed of going in his youth. In 2004, he was nominated for the 1st time at the MTV Belgian music awards in the category of best R&B performance.

January 2005 Kaye produced his first cut for his second album, Profile, and after performing it live at the Euro Vision Contest in Belgium in front of a million TV viewers, everyone knew it was going to be a hit. Profile debuted at number three on the Billboard chart and stayed there for 10 weeks. Kaye Styles then released his second album, It iz what it iz. Maria Bonita and Safe Sex, a song she created to raise AIDS awareness, became another hit.

In 2005, he was again nominated at MTV’s Belgian music awards in the Best Urban Breakthrough artist category. However, the best was yet to come. In 2006, his manager received a call from American television group Fox asking if Kaye Styles would be interested in producing the soundtrack for the series Prison Break in Belgium, a show that was a huge hit in the States at the time. Kaye accepted and produced the Prison Break anthem. The track entered stores and charted at #40, jumping to #11 and peaking at #3. It stayed in the top 10 for 14 weeks and became the second biggest airplay hit in Belgium in 2006.

Kaye Styles recorded his third album, Main Event, with the top 10 singles Hold Me Now and Don’t Cry. He was nominated for the third time at the MTV Belgian Music Awards (Best R&B, Best Video, Best National Artist 2006). The last single Styles released for Main Event was Cheat on you, which also reached the top 20 on Billboard.

After touring Europe in early 2007, Kaye Styles and his management decided that the United States and the Caribbean should be his new musical adventure. His management bought Kaye’s contract from the record company and they formed their own company, ‘On Lock Entertainment’.

Kaye Styles is recording his fourth album, First Born (released April 25, 2008), working with Producers from New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles, as well as teaming up on his new Shawty single with Tariq L and With Akon. Kaye will also tour the US in June and July 2008 as part of the Hennessy Artistry Tour before returning to conquer Europe again this summer.

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