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Men and Women – How to Coexist and Be Happy Together

It is practically impossible to find a phenomenon about which men and women have the same opinion. We remain mysteries to each other and essentially live in two isolated realities that rarely intersect. How can we better understand our other half in everything, including intimate aspects? How can we be happy together?

Many books have been written on how to control a man and how to understand female logic. But even after reading these books, it can be very difficult to apply the knowledge gained. Even in moments of complete closeness, the two people are united as one, yet they are different. There are too many differences between men and women.

To be precise, there are five main differences:

o Type of thinking. The infamous “female logic” is almost completely incomprehensible to men.

o Perception. Women identify certain signs more clearly (they hear the baby’s cry better, intuitively sense danger), while men do others (they digest new information better).

o Characteristics of hormone production. The amount of hormones in women changes cyclically, while in men they are constantly at approximately the same level.

o Structure of the body. The female body is designed to carry and give birth, while the male body is designed to hunt and protect.

o Emotions and preferences. Women more often like calm music and soap operas, men should watch and play action and horror movies.

So the first difference is in the cerebral hemispheres. It has long been proven that with the help of the left brain hemisphere we think, perceive, draw logical conclusions, and with the help of the right brain hemisphere we feel, create images and associations. Men’s left hemisphere is usually more developed, while women’s right hemisphere is dominant. Because of this, men are more concrete in their thoughts, they try to reach the goal at the same time, to solve the problem quickly, without being distracted by emotions, they do not moan or wail. This is the reason why it is usually men who initiate the acquaintance and transition to a more serious relationship. As for women, they are usually the ones who behave ambiguously and inconsistently.

The directness of men is shown in the way they direct their attention to different parts of the female body (every man has his favorite), and they often base their choice of girlfriend on this preference. For example, if a guy likes the shape of your breasts, he can’t pay attention to your legs at all, and you spent so much time worrying about their large size.

The majority of men still believe that their main merit is a large penis. Because of this, many men feel inferior, seeing themselves as deprived of nature. They are afraid to listen to stories about women that only the lucky owners of an impressively large penis can satisfy. While in reality, women are much less interested in the size of their partner’s penis than men themselves.

Sexologists claim that women’s feelings during sex are usually closely related to their feelings about their partner. And the size of the penis has no effect on achieving harmony in bed. The point is that the two people agree with each other as a whole.

The second main difference is the difference in perception. Man was programmed by nature to notice danger in time and prepare for defense, or to see the prey and concentrate on hunting. Their sensory organs help them find their way around the area. Maybe it’s a bit strange to talk about men like animals, but what can we do, men are basically the same children of nature and they have sex, because one of their main instincts is sexual.

A man can tell by the volume or timbre of his voice that something is wrong with his girlfriend or that she is not in a good mood. But, unfortunately, very often it is beyond his ability to understand the full range of a woman’s emotions.

The woman is more sensitive to the intonation of the voice, intuitively reads non-verbal signals, such as gestures and facial expressions. A woman is created this way because it is important for her to understand the needs of a helpless infant. Does it sound like women are better psychologists and diplomats? Not really better, just different. A man understands more quickly when he needs to change his negotiation tactics, while a woman can more accurately analyze the feelings of the interlocutor.

Another major difference is hormones. Everything is cyclical for women. Their hormone levels are different during PMS, periods or ovulation. For men, everything is stable and at the same level, unless they are sick. Testosterone, the main male hormone, is responsible for sexual arousal, aggression and passion. It’s no wonder that boys like loud games from early childhood, then as adults they like to watch action movies and sports games and show their emotions loudly when their favorite team scores a goal. When it comes to sex, men are also often passionate, so they often don’t call it lovemaking like women do, but use more specific words.

The next difference is the different bodies. Good looks are one of the most important qualities of an ideal lover. However, women tend to overestimate the effect of beauty. You don’t need to look like the models in fashion magazines to arouse a man’s desires.

Beauty is of course important, but there is something else. Women often feel insecure about their appearance. Doubting their own body’s attractiveness often limits them in bed, preventing them from fully relaxing and thinking only about pleasure. It is believed that men like blondes with long legs and full breasts. In fact, brunettes are considered more striking. When men are looking for a partner in life, they are not looking for the ideal body, femininity is the most important parameter for them. The sexual energy she radiates makes a woman irresistible. Most men do not respond to physical beauty, but to a certain aura, special charm or smell of sexuality. The ability to show yourself can compensate for all the disadvantages of your figure.

Different emotions are the next difference between men and women. Because of testosterone production, men feel anger more often, so they simply have to let it go. For them, the most harmless way to extinguish negative emotions is to watch an action movie or play a shooting game on the computer, so women should treat this with understanding. Don’t you agree, it’s better to kill the monsters than find a reason to pick a fight with you or even worse with your boss?

On average, women cry four times more than men and are three times more likely to be depressed. This is due to a difference in hormonal balance. Adrenaline, endorphins and testosterone are responsible for the happy mood and are produced in smaller quantities in women. Sometimes women cry after an orgasm. Some researchers see a connection between this phenomenon and the fact that women produce the “happy” hormone serotonin more easily than men. It appears as a result of emotional excitement and enters the blood – after orgasm. This hormone is also responsible for important things like creativity and good mood. But when there is too much serotonin, it becomes a stress factor. And this is when women start crying, they lose excess serotonin, which dissolves in tears.

So now that we’ve covered the main differences between men and women, let’s take a look at some of the most common questions men and women have about each other.

Why are men sex oriented and women love or relationship oriented? Undoubtedly, a stable relationship is important for both sexes. However, let’s remember the biological functions of men and women. The first is responsible for fertilization; the latter’s task is childbearing and education. This is why a man wants to have sex more often than a woman, because he is always ready to participate in the fertilization process, and a woman can only do this at a certain stage of her cycle.

Due to the chemical composition of the blood, men constantly need new sensations. It turned out that the hottest porn movie they watched a second time had less of an effect on them than a mildly erotic movie they watched for the first time. Men are more concerned about the number of objects of desire, while women are more concerned about the quality of the relationship. On average, men have four times more erotic fantasies than women. But their thoughts are more primitive. A man thinks – “First I’ll hold it this way, then I turn it around and…”, and a woman dreams – “I tell him this, and he answers that and looks at me. so, then I ask him… and gently touch the hand.”

Why do men like to observe the process and why do women raise their eyes? For a woman, an intimate relationship is a continuation of her own feelings. After she closes her eyes, she completely immerses herself in the world of sex and savors the caress. If a woman doesn’t close her eyes during sex, she either wants to get a good look at her partner’s muscular shoulders, or she’s not at all interested or excited about what he’s doing.

The man likes to be in control, and seeing his partner take pleasure in his touches turns him on even more. For him, the feeling of control over the woman means additional doping. The need for control stems from concern for the satisfaction of the loved one. Some couples install special mirrors in their bedrooms, such as on the ceiling.

Why do some men consider protection exclusively a woman’s problem? Honestly, men can’t stand condoms, they really reduce sensitivity. However, caution is gradually taking over, and men are increasingly carrying a condom or two in their pockets – just in case. Usually though they try to use all their convictions to avoid latex – “Don’t worry, nothing will happen, I have everything under control!” Although such assurances are quite deceptive.

Of course, women understand that sex without protection is much more enjoyable, but they are more strict about it, for the majority of women, their own safety is more important than several minutes of pleasure.

Why do men want to sleep after intimacy and women want to talk and cuddle? In fact, 80% of men feel completely exhausted after sex and fall asleep easily right after orgasm. Ladies are much more persistent, only 46% of women get really tired after passionate love making.

Scientists offer several explanations for this phenomenon. Sexologists believe that women’s sexual arousal curve looks different than men’s, rising more slowly and falling more slowly. Female orgasms are also longer. As for men, their sexual arousal curve rises quickly to the peak and falls right after the peak.

Biochemists claim that after orgasm the supply of blood glycogen (the animal starch that nourishes muscles) is drastically reduced. If this element is missing, one feels completely exhausted. Since men have more muscle mass, they tire more.

There is another explanation. During sex, the cervix opens slightly to facilitate the passage of sperm and remains open for about half an hour. This is when the oxytocin hormone starts to work, and the woman becomes gentle and caring, since her excitement has not yet receded, and the man inevitably falls asleep, since he has already fulfilled his biological mission.

That’s why it makes no sense to blame your partner for turning his face to the wall and falling asleep right after sex, it’s not his fault, physiology is to blame!

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