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Sacred Love – Love is a Lifestyle – Make Your Home a Santuary for Your Love

A home full of love

With all my heart and all my soul

with my whole being

I say

I love you.

I choose to honor the gift that fate has given me in my life

I decide to surrender myself to the cosmos

and let the romance be true.

I choose to follow the light of love we share

I choose to open myself to the love that is ours

and I decide to fall in love with you

I choose to see in you

a woman of truth, beautiful, wise and awakened

I choose to be here, as I am, in love

Without fear

As you know, in many ways I am

Out of this world, I bring you love

As you can become, I bring you the cosmos

Heaven is the truth

The love of creation is love itself

We put our energy into everything. The environment in which you share your love life is one of the most important places to acknowledge that love is a priority.

Your home can celebrate love to the extent that it keeps you connected through difficult challenges.

Designing your home to contain the essence of romance is an essential part of creating sacred love in your home. The environment a person lives in affects their mind, health and heart more than anything else in their life. An advanced individual living among thieves will eventually absorb some of their energy. So our space is a vital step in creating holy love. Here are some suggestions for improving your love space.

1. Be in your element

Create zones in your home where work, watching TV, cooking and sleeping are separated from intimacy and romance. Have a parent section or place the television in a television room, not the family room, so that you, your significant other, and children, if any, can sit together without being entertained (distracted) by the television.

2. Things have a sound

Pay attention to the energy carried by objects. I saw stolen property, the ashes of dead people, old furniture bearing the suffering of an old relative, and paintings of torture in areas where love should have flourished. Antiques are wonderful and some, even the cheap ones, have such a wonderful charm. But if your love changes after buying an object or a new painting on the wall, be aware that these objects can carry very bad energy. In our busy lives, we don’t really care about the energy carried by things. We can go and buy something and place it in our home without thinking about the energy it carries. However, it is possible that this energy has a great effect on us. Everything has a story that is bigger than its functionality, which means that things carry certain feelings with them.

3. Love flourishes where beauty is revealed.

The whole science of romance starts with the environment you create. Each of us will see the properties of this environment differently. Sometimes we have to consider this very carefully, because when two people of different elements live in the same home, one of them can lose the space in which his heart and soul can feel at home. A water person feels completely romantic and uncomfortable in a fireman’s home. No compromise is possible. Romance is the element of water. This means that even if you’re an ethereal person who loves the cold, clean lines of glass and concrete, your romantic space should be soft and cushioned. Try to nurture this romantic area with love. Make sure you walk in with shoes that will tread the streets with lots of mud. Be aware of the value of the environment and you will be aware of the value of your love. (see later chapter on Compassion)

4. Thought passes through walls where words cannot fit

Beware of people who carry worry, anger, and violence, allowing them to vent their feelings in your home. This home is sacred, and even though our home is open to others, there are those who wish you both ill. They’re often relatives you feel obligated to, but these meetings are best held in public if they’re not fans.

5. Nothing affects the mind more than the environment in which it rests

Be aware of the impact of dark news, violent television, aggressive music and bad attitudes on the space created for love. I’ve seen some smug people run through other people’s offices or homes, leaving a trail of the darkest energies in their wake. They have no interest in anything other than the right to express their anger, and certainly no regard for its effect.

6. Carefully consider the energy of gifts.

I met a lady for a consultation and she was drowning in expensive jewelry. She broke up with her husband about 2 years ago. I asked about this jewelry and she said that her ex-husband kept giving it all away. Then she told me how ugly, vile, and horrible this man was, and that she would not leave him alone. Jewelry was her way of stamping her signature on every moment of her life. In a new relationship, throw away the stamps of past relationships. Free your energy and romance for new things. It’s like pouring fresh water into the vase for the same flowers.

7. Speak the truth of love in your home

Be careful how you speak. The words carry a completely different meaning. The words sit in the walls, on the pillows, on the ceiling. An angry man’s home will feel angry even after his death. The clothing of a depressed individual carries that feeling. That’s why you have to be so careful when buying used goods. A fraudulent seller not only affects his own life by stealing, but the goods he sells are also contaminated. Your words give you the opportunity to refresh your home. Avoid talking about gossip, bad talk, or negative thoughts that hurt others. Make your home a haven of romantic and loving thoughts. Beware of those you talk to on the phone who would curse and deny you because they will destroy your home and heart.

8. You create what you think about yourself.

Books are affirmations. Every book has a message on its spine. This book speaks to your subconscious. If you have recovered from alcoholism, then pass the book on after you finish. Books about healing help you heal. Surround yourself with great books that have a spine that speaks to your pursuit of life. A man I worked with read a biography every week. In his main living area, the names of all the great leaders he respected were on the spine of the book. You can be sure that books and their titles lead a story directly through your conscious brain and into your heart. That’s why my books have simple titles. They actually work to manifest in your subconscious mind without reading the content.

9. The soul speaks in pictures

Photographs affect a home. Do you see more in a guru than your lover sees? Do you revere any statue more than the silky skin of your lover’s inner arm? Instead of worshiping the icons of some distant religion or faith, spend those few dollars to have a picture of your lover, of your dreams, on the wall of your home. The soul speaks in pictures. Pictures depicting children strengthen the awareness of your love in children. But it should never surpass or override the image of your beloved lover. Photos of relatives, parents, and friends also have their place, but none of them should crowd the space of love and intimacy, the TV room is a good decoration.

10. Insist on respecting the sanctity of your home.

Some people put food on your pillow and don’t care. Some people would put their foot on your photo. Some people would have their children run out of control in your church. You have the right to ask for and receive respect for the sacredness of your space. This will protect your territory. One lady I consulted received phone calls anywhere in her home from all kinds of negativity. He did not know how to protect himself or his home from the intrusion of negative emotions, and as a result, he could not rest in his own home.

11. Appreciate the ceremony gifts.

I believe in ceremony as a vital component of a loving relationship. I believe in the value of mindfulness. However, I am not a big fan of big ceremonies, I like small everyday events. It’s like taking off your day shoes before entering the home. Like putting things on the table instead of throwing them away. Like creating rituals around cleanliness and mindfulness in place of the towel after a shower. Like taking a bath before bed and being considerate of others when it comes to sex. I believe in the ritual of lighting a candle at dinner time and turning off the TV during the meal. I believe in the ritual of picking things up and not doing two things at once. With these little ceremonies, I create love in the room.

12. Create an alter in your home.

There are very few homes in Asia that don’t have a sub. A place of prayer, where memories of the past, signs of love, respect for higher powers are found. These alters can be simple cloth-covered boxes, or some of the marble-covered rooms I’ve seen with golden statues are overseen and maintained full-time by a priest. It’s not how much the alter cost, but what it means and how much order, maintenance and care is respected and cherished. My sub is often a small leaf I’ve collected from the garden on my way home.

13. Your bed is a sacred place, keep your privacy.

When I live in a friend’s home and sleep in an extra bed, I can tell a lot about the person who slept there before me. In hotels, it’s a disgusting reality that people can sleep in your bed one after the other, and you’re next. Their hygiene, thoughts and suffering (on the negative side) can infect that bed and room and attack your sleep. If you change your relationship, change beds. Always keep your bed linen fresh, it is a sign of the deepest self-respect.

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