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Self-Empowerment Strategies to Overcome Social Isolation

Social isolation and disengagement are becoming epidemic in our society, and there seems little hope that this trend will abate in the near future. The reasons for this are mixed and somewhat complex, but the end result is clearer: isolated people do not fully enjoy the fruits of living in the “land of plenty” and are denied one of the most basic needs for survival – opportunity. to be in community and belonging with others. Some writers distinguish between the choice of isolation and separation, the former the result of forces beyond our control and the latter a choice.

Whatever the difference in the sources of isolation, it is equally powerful and potentially catastrophic for both groups. As an area of ​​personal power, social isolation and disengagement have serious consequences. The domain of collective or social identity is the cornerstone of empowerment, and isolation from the social or collective aspect can unlock the entire network of supports needed to achieve or maintain personal power. You have probably experienced isolation several times in your life. The experience is routinely reported as unpleasant and alienating. People forcibly separated from human contact or trapped are often on the verge of mental and emotional breakdown. Those who live among us and are still socially isolated are hardly better off and probably feel even lonelier than those who are cut off from the mainstream.

If you suffer from isolation, for whatever reason, it’s important to be fully aware of what it’s doing to you and take steps to remedy the condition. According to a recent review of Brummet’s study, Dr. James House of the University of Michigan confirms that social isolation is dangerous to health and often fatal. The article provides further confirmation of the harmful effects of social isolation on health, recognized in research over the past 20-25 years. Social isolation has been shown to contribute to higher mortality, particularly among medically vulnerable groups. Since some attribute isolation as a major source of anxiety, it’s notable that anxiety has been linked to physical health problems such as asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, and coronary heart disease.

As anxiety levels increase, quality of life is potentially reduced, especially in untreated anxiety. Some compare the risk associated with social isolation to cigarette smoking and other major biomedical and psychosocial risk factors. Isolated individuals report fewer interactions with others, fewer sources of psychological/emotional and instrumental support, and lower levels of religious activity; however, adding additional connections to the social network after closing the gap did not result in significant or significant improvements in health and well-being. This suggests that those most affected by isolation gain the most from the least intervention. Whether a person regularly interacts with family members, friends, or other groups seems less important than whether a person has one or more of these social relationships.

Other studies have found that social disengagement contributes to increased anxiety levels in the general population. Increased divorce rates and more people living alone; some suggest that interpersonal trust has become a major problem in this country. Some writers, in various disciplines, suggest that the idea of ​​individualism in American culture may contribute to these changes: “Our greater autonomy may lead to increased challenges and excitement, but it may also lead to greater isolation from others, more threats to our bodies and minds, and thus the free-floating higher levels of anxiety,” according to Twenge. The fact that traditional social institutions and networks do not provide the same level of social support as previous generations is certainly something to consider.

Fewer turn to the church or other networks to meet their social or financial needs. Some studies suggest that for many families the only important social institution is the workplace, where employees turn to this network to meet most or all of their social and financial needs. Although family and community are not disintegrating in the way some suggest, they are changing in radically new ways. There is a strong link between the experience of emotional neglect in childhood and feelings of social isolation or loneliness in adulthood. This may change as individuals adjust to unconventional lifestyles and childhood “neglect” becomes the norm, but not anytime soon.

Many commentators believe that the sense of belonging and closeness in communities is likely to influence the incidence of isolation; however, the community is not a reliable agent to reach the disconnected and disenfranchised. Since community empowerment is still just a buzzword in most fields, self-empowerment strategies are the only reliable means for individuals to reach a level of connectedness and overcome their own isolation.

Self-strength development strategies

Self-empowerment means taking power, so you have to act forcefully, that is, you have to start by confronting your self-imposed limitations, but it gets easier the further you go. Starting is always the hardest! Start slow and you’ll be amazed at your own achievements in no time – just make sure to start. Here is a list of suggestions, somewhat in order of increasing intensity and exposure to social stressors.

1) You can start on your computer – what a great tool to connect people. If you’re reading this, you’re already starting, you obviously have the skills. Search Google for an online group or community that has a compelling interest for you. If you like movies, find a movie chat room or forum and get started. You might start by saying you haven’t been able to get out for a while and would welcome any tips on what’s cool at the movies and let it go. You get the idea. One or more of these connections may turn into a real encounter. Maybe the local group goes to the cinema together once a month or to a party – this is your chance to go a little wild.

2) Carry forward the idea of ​​common interest. Most communities are full of opportunities to meet like-minded people face to face. It’s much easier when you have things in common. Whatever your passion, make it a priority to find the right group that shares it. An informal meeting is probably the best place to start. This will likely lead to other opportunities and friendships, but don’t start too far out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s rock climbing, amateur drama, ceramics or Spanish speaking, you’ll find courses and clubs in the area (check your local newspaper or adult education center for details). Moreover, you will automatically have common interests with the people you meet. This is new territory, a little slow – but take it! Volunteering is a good option for many people, as it not only gives structure to meeting people, but also takes the focus off of you and onto those who may be the recipients of your volunteering.

3) Consider a support group or self-help group. If the previous steps are too overwhelming, it will definitely suit you. There are a number of self-help groups that would be suitable for dealing with the symptoms and problems associated with social isolation. Emotions Anonymous or any other suitable 12-step program can be a powerful resource for moving from isolation to active social engagement. If even that seems daunting, a paid group therapy experience may be the answer. This is a completely safe and secure group activity that will help you gain enough strength to transition to a self-help group model, and from there – the sky’s the limit.

4) Develop your “social identity”. It’s about drawing strength and power from the meaningful groups you’re a part of. Getting involved in groups, relationships, and partnerships that add depth and meaning to your life is critical. This is where you need to do some deep introspection to see where you fit. Throw your fears to the wind and imagine if you could connect with any group, organization or group of individuals in the entire world – who would they be? Then make it real. Maybe you really want to be part of a scientific community – OK – that’s yours. Break the process down into small, manageable chunks. This is called bias in mental health.

5) If you already have some kind of social life, but you simply don’t choose to live it actively for some reason, you can try to change the usual routines, for example meeting friends from work/college instead of going home first; try different activities such as museums and galleries or cafes. You can schedule events or courses in advance, activities that you can’t back out of at the last minute. If you really can’t get along, invite your friends or negotiate with them. You can have an impromptu get-together by asking guests to bring something like music, food, drinks, and movies.

6) You may be one of the unlucky few who suffer from genuine social anxiety disorder or social phobia. If you suspect this to be the case, get it checked out and seek medical attention if necessary. Medication may be appropriate for those who cannot otherwise make the changes. Even short-term treatment can be beneficial. Some studies suggest that reduced dopamine levels contribute to social isolation, and some newer antidepressants can be quite effective in treating this.

7) Feed your soul – whatever that means to you. For many of us, developing this inner strength, or connecting to a greater source of energy, gives us the motivation and desire to move forward. Some simple spiritual ideas: “I’m not alone in this”; “only unrealistic fears hold me back” and “the universe wants me to be fulfilled”. These are simple affirmations that are powerful and help us take action. Write your own if these don’t work. The bottom line is that in most cases, our old negative ideas are the real obstacle. Feed your awareness with new positive ideas and watch them take off. They also speak of a lack of self-confidence and esteem, which destroys social identity and social life. Start emphasizing your positive qualities and learn to appreciate what others admire about you; work these into your statements.

8) If you feel like it, you can also use your online skills for dating or companionship. It’s a fairly anonymous way to break the ice and start building a relationship that will hopefully lead to a one-on-one meeting. Traditional dating agencies are still around and can make the experience a little safer. These experiences should be thought of as a practice run for what will eventually be “the real thing”. We often exaggerate the importance of a date or meeting another as something that needs to be worked on. Try to get the experience no matter what and learn from it. There is no timeline for finding your partner and settling in. However, you need to spend time with other people, and this is a perfectly acceptable way to do it.

Good luck, keep adding to this list as you go along. Over time, the activities needed to break social isolation will not be something you work towards, but something you look forward to.

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