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The Gnostics and Essenes


Throughout this book I have made reference to esoteric groups or knowledge. I have done a book called The Occult: Uses and Abuses which has twice as many words as this; but I hope this one covers enough of the issues related to the abuse of spiritual knowledge by the elites. In my research I had a confrontation with a person whose learning system is called Essene and I learned that much of my own school of thought (Hermetic) has indeed been co-opted. This person and I agreed on many things and he checked with the Patriarch to discover that I was ‘bang on’ with my history. The matter of our disagreement centers around his Essene Templar status and the abuses made by these designers of what I call CONstructs. Here is a little from my book on the occult.

I consider the Gnostics to be hermetic students or alchemists in most of their denominations or followings. Asklepios was a Gnostic contributor to the Corpus Hermeticum and the Imhotep/Asklepios or Thoth/Hermes (same thing in different cultures) was the predominant intellectual system in the millennia before Christ according to Michael Grant. There is a recent book that says some interesting things about being able to see the face of the true God. Be that as it may, and I do not believe god would have a face; here is a part of a review or introduction of that book which is worth thinking about. The De Medicis commissioned the first translation of the Corpus Hermeticum and gave it the title De Brix which is the family of the Bruttii that they are part of. Yes, the elite always have someone who is a serious student of the occult or esoteric arts.

“In addition to this new translation of The Corpus Hermeticum, which seeks to reflect the inspirational intent of the original, The Way of Hermes includes the first English translation of the recently rediscovered manuscript of The Definitions of Hermes Trismegistus to Asclepius, a collection of aphorisms, closely related to parts of The Corpus Hermeticum, used by the hermetic student to strengthen his mind in meditation. With the proper mental orientation, one could achieve a state of pure perception in which the true face of God appears. This document is of enormous value to the contemporary student of gnostic studies for its insights into the actual workings of this spiritual path.” (10)

Dag Hammadi Scrolls:

Jesus said (in saying 108 from the Gospel of Thomas):

“Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I myself shall become that person, and the hidden things will be revealed to that person.” The ‘hidden things’ were not in his religion, they were in his heart. Those who would interpret for us would say they know what he meant. I say if they have lived his life and done what he did then they have a leg to stand on.

Garreth Knight wrote a book called A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO QABALISTIC SYMBOLISM which says on page 2: “From this we can gather a basic concept that there is an inner reality or essence to things apart from their outward appearance, and that further, the nature of the inner can be deduced from the outer. This is by no means an exceptional concept: it is fully in line with all idealistic philosophy. It includes however, the refinements of the Hermetic schools that as God made man in His own image, so can the examination of man lead to the knowledge of God. And as God created Nature, so it, at the same time, hides and reveals God. (pg. 27)

The Qabalah teaches that all manifestation is based on duality; and the right hand Pillar represents the positive, masculine or active pole and the left hand Pillar the negativeIn an EMF or magnetic sense, feminine or passive pole. This duality is in everything; as well as there being a duality on the Tree there is also a duality in every Sephirah Sphere on the Tree, and studied by the Sephardic Jews, as well as the Hassidic which some scholars identify Jesus with.. It is the principle of polarity. (Pages 107-9)

Isis could be called She is the founder of Egypt with her fellow arch-Druid Osiris from over 30,000 years ago when the Kelts were active in establishing colonies to help potential trading partners., in a way, the Ether of the Spirit, and she can be correlated with The Priestess of the Silver Star which is the full title of the Tarot Trump Major Arcana which is assigned to the Path which leads up across the Abyss through Daath from Tiphareth to Kether. There is also a connection with the glyph of the Caduceus, a winged staff entwined with two serpents, having a pine cone Remember the Pineal gland and the pyramid shaped head-gear of witches and the high priests of Egypt where bagpipes are shown on a Pyramid. There are no Egyptian players of these uniquely Keltic instruments. at its head and the sign of Scorpio, the scorpion, at its base. Aligned with the Tree of Life, the pine cone covers Kether, the wings embrace Chokmah and Binah, and the serpent’s heads unite in Daath. The serpent symbolism of this figure denotes the manifestation of force at any level. This serpent symbolism is well explained in the myths of Isis if meditated upon, and it is well to remember the seven scorpions attributed to Isis in the light of the seven planes of manifestation and the symbol at the base of the Caduceus.

19. The complete Isis mythology goes through several cycles – for instance after her journeyings to find the body of Osiris she had to go on another journey to hide her son and then on another journey to find the scattered fragments of Osiris and so on. In psychological terms, these various cycles give contact with the archetypes on different levels. And so if a course of meditation is essayed on them in order to elicit their inner meaning, the path of transmutation and sublimation of the psyche towards the consciousness of Daath can be trodden with the minimum of danger, for this particular line of meditation will build forms into the psyche which hold the forces contacted whether in the depths of the instincts or the heights of superconsciousness.

20. It was because of the clear run-through of power possible with the formula that Isis often appeared winged in Egyptian sacerdotal art. Although the profound symbolism of those wings might not be appreciated Integrating most all things in a high degree. by the populace of the day, their influence and meaning could be, ‘felt’ – and still can be. They have relation to the wings of the Caduceus.

21. The Isis formula is particularly worth working on I prefer ‘with’ because it is relatively complete and it gives the feminine side to the more usual masculine symbols of esoteric development-it can be used as a complement to the Osiris and Christ teachings relating to the Sephirah Tipareth. There is symbolism in other goddess formulae, particularly the Grecian and Assyrian, and in Mary, the Mother of Jesus, where different aspects are more developed, but the teachings of Isis, apart from its great wisdom, power and inspiration, is one of the most stabilizing, and that is very necessary towards inner development, particularly where Daath is concerned.

22. There will be no difficulty in unravelling the popular teachings of Isis in the light of ordinary states of consciousness but these states have to be worked over and over again on a higher arc and what may seem to be the most obvious parables about Isis will be found to be repositories of profound esoteric knowledge.

23. The Isis myths contain references Note ‘myths’ and they do know the demi-gods are just that. to different grades of initiation, to principles of sexual polarity, to contact with the Higher Self, to contact with the Spirit, and even to the Spirit of God Itself. Isis was able to perform miracles, to heal, to bring the dead to life. She was a great traveller and Goddess of the sea. One of her gifts was the imparting of sweet perfume to those she touched.”

It was necessary to be thorough for those who have never had the ‘bliss’ of the touch of the hand of God/Goddess. It is hard to imagine that these people weren’t quite competent in VERY early times. Mr. Knight seems to think not ‘by the populace of the day’ and he is right that most would not get a FULL dose. However, I think more people were able to center themselves in the bounty of Nature. Maybe not in Egypt which was a cauldron as great as that of Karidwen (Keltic) where many adepts gathered in the time we are dealing with. But that too would not interfere with the perception of the ‘Third Eye’ unless the individual was influenced by priests telling them the ‘proper interpretation’! Isis has had an influence over a far longer time than Christ unless one accesses the ‘chain of ascended masters’ that he is a part of, just like Osiris and now Krishnamurti. Knight was supported by Scientology and Scientology was founded by a Rosicrucian.

There is a real racial prejudice evident in the Britannica as I hope was clear in their comments on the Irish in the ‘ogham writing’ segment in the Introduction. This is very important to appealing to the base and disgusting element of the world’s population, today. If we were to know the beauty the Kelts knew through their equality with women we would change the existing power-structure in short order. The third world nations and their citizens would also see a proud heritage that would enable them to know they have been foully treated for no reason whatsoever. Christianity has been a sharp sword wielded against many people for a long time. (11)

The use of sacrifices is another of the tools used to make ‘pagans’ seem barbaric. We have already seen how the early Christians made women into second or third class ‘chattel’ and prostitutes; now we will see the ‘human sacrifice’ fiction in a more realistic sense. In ‘Columbus the Itinerant Cathar'(CtIC) we covered the harvesting of ‘special ingredients’ like ‘pineal glands for melatonin’ (Sarkeny Rend Rosicrucians including Count Dracul or Dracula) and brushite. We mentioned the sending of the spirits of criminals or threats to society (like ‘capital punishment’ of today) or the leaders when their term in office was over. Now we will see that Moses and others were doing the same things for these and other reasons as this book proceeds. But the academics have painted our ancestors who weren’t Christian (there was no such religion through all of the Old Testament) as some kind of ghoulish monsters. The social engineers of pre-history did far less warring and truly Evil things – you will see.

The use of ‘conversos’ and ‘statements of repentance’ such as Galileo was asked to sign is now much more sophisticated. They get respected authors to change their attitude or write lies (for fame and money). We saw Augustine doing the same thing and we have seen Aquinas sell his soul to this ‘Devil’. Many people today are moved to think that someone who has studied or followed the other religions and then converts to Catholicism has ‘seen the error of their ways’. They use this logic to avoid making their own search or to overcome the confusion that exists after a partial search. Thomas Merton has been a useful tool in this continuing program, for the Catholics. Sometimes they wait until a person is dead and then put words in his/her mouth or martyr them to their cause. It is really difficult for someone to know the truth of people like Jesus as a result. It was done to Aristotle and they would have done it to Pythagoras too (and Socrates) if he had written a great deal.

So what is the occult (means ‘hidden’) science? We just saw the Qabala which was on the fringe of these understandings and we have mentioned ‘harmonics’ and ‘chaos science’ as well as a host of other ‘possibilities’. Here is another author talking about Pythagoras whose ‘Brotherhood’ is thought to be one of the ‘cliques’ of the ‘octopus’ of the Masons which we dealt with in great detail in CtIC. David Barrett is a ‘spy’ and ‘social engineer’ who did the same kind of job that Aleister Crowley (the ‘666’) did for MI-6. Barrett did this job until about eight years ago. He admits he still follows the Official Secrets Act and that he was an esoteric ‘expert’ for GCHQ (associated with MI-6). He wrote Secret Societies in 1999 which says this on page 22:

“Mathematics and geometry, the occult properties of numbers Known as numerology and the relationship between them, lay behind the whole world, and the heavens above. Pythagoras is believed to have formulated the idea of the musical octave, and explained the mathematical basis for musical intervals and harmonics. The entire universe is in vibration, singing, producing the ‘music of the spheres’. He is reputed to have worked out the Golden Section, the mathematical ratio which lies behind much of the esoteric meaning of architecture.”

The ‘Golden Section’ is a central area of Masonic study and Pythagoras was Phoenician born and studied in Babylon and in Egypt where he learned these things from the Pyramid. (like Thales) Does Barrett know these things? Asimov knows it – and he isn’t an ‘expert’ in esoterics. Is it important to hide the Phoenicians and their history in order to make ‘his’-story become pre-eminent? Barrett goes even further than hiding the Phoenicians he also hides the antiquity of the Hermetic knowledge they developed and added to over tens of thousands of years. Yes, ‘occult’ includes Pythagoras and Socrates as well as Aquinas, Ostanes, Newton, Da Vinci, Paracelsus, Jefferson, Paine, Boyle, Cleopatra, and we shall soon see Moses’ sister – Mariae. There is little doubt in our mind if a reader reads what we have put into this book and checks out our reference material from the Bibliography they will become ‘conversos’ to the truth.

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