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The Homepage – Making Your Most Important Page Count

* Warnings: This information applies to business websites only – personal, government, portal or special interest websites are not considered.

* The first page that appears when a website is accessed using only the URL ( is considered the home page, regardless of its name. Some websites call this page by a different name, such as “Welcome” or “Introduction”, “Post” or even “Index”.

* There are always two types of website visitors to consider: people (actual human website visitors) and bots (automated software, also known as spiders or web crawlers) used by search engines.

Why is your home page so important?

Your home page is important because the decisive decision is made on this page:
Is this website relevant?

There is so much information and so many websites on the web today that the first decision you make when browsing a website is always “Is this website relevant?” Does it cover the topic I wanted? Does it contain the type of information I need?

For example: If you want to buy shoes, go to Google and type “shoes”. On the results page you can find a website about the history of shoes. Although it is on the right topic, this page is not exactly what you are looking for.

As a browser, you probably skim the homepage and first notice if the site is about shoes. You can then check if there are any shoes for sale on this page. If not – or if it’s not clear – you can simply move on to the next page of the list.

Search engines use your home page when evaluating your website’s relevance to keyword searches. In fact, this is the site with the most weight. If you don’t have the word “shoes” on your home page, your site may not show up at all on Google’s search results for “shoes”.

Other pages can be used by both types of visitors, but often the decisive decision is already made on the home page.

If your home page doesn’t provide the information you think a potential customer will need to decide whether or not to stay on your site in a way that both types of visitors can easily and quickly absorb, then Your home page is broken. most important task.

If people never see your site, nothing else matters.

Your home page is critical to getting people to your site and keeping potential customers on your site once they find it.

Traditional advertising and business marketing is essential to the success of a business and should be part of any business plan. You need to drive as much traffic to your site as you can with traditional tagging methods. Web marketing should never be seen as sufficient on its own.

However, for most businesses, search engine optimization is very important. Search engines can provide a significant portion of your website traffic. But this can happen only if the website is properly optimized. Optimization starts with the home page, as this is the most important page for search engines.

What information should be on your home page?

“A concise and specific summary of the site, using as many keywords as possible. The summary should include the products and services offered, by brand name and in layman’s language. The company’s primary competitive advantages or key differentiating factors should be mentioned, such as any significant limiting factors (ie only wholesale sales or service areas) Contact details are also useful on the home page.

In other words – both people and search engines should be able to tell whether this site is relevant to their search just from the text on the home page.

Does the order of information or formatting matter?

Search engines rank text in order of arrival. This means that the first text on the page is more important than the text at the bottom of the page. Formatting is also taken into account by search engines. Headings using proper HTML tags are weighted more than plain text. Use headings and subheadings to organize and display information according to importance. Headlines should use simple, specific, keyword-rich text. The same goes for the people who read your homepage. By writing your homepage in “order of importance” and using headings to organize the text, most people will find it easier to read and understand the information presented.

Flash, animation and images

Search engine optimization means “making it as clear as possible what the page is about – in terms that the search engine can understand”.

If you only remember one thing about search engines, remember: Search engines can only read text. Search engines can’t read images or text embedded in images, can’t read text in flash movies, and can’t understand commentaries. Search engines cannot read text embedded in JavaScript or text that is dynamically generated when requested by the visitor (for example, text generated as a result of a database call). Search engines can only read text in HTML or meta tags written specifically for search engines.

This is important because it is very common these days for websites to be written in non-HTML. Today, technologies such as flash and Java script are very common. It can be difficult for the layperson to tell the difference, as websites that use search engine friendly technology can appear indistinguishable from those that don’t. One useful test is “can you copy and paste text from a website into a text editor”? If the text is written in HTML, you can do this. If you don’t know, search engines probably won’t be able to read this text.

Limiting non-SEA technologies to non-core decorative purposes makes the most sense for a business website. This way, you can enjoy the advantages of these technologies (cool graphics and effects) without the disadvantages (like poor search engine performance).

Is load time still important?

Yes! Load time is still important. A significant number of people still have a dial-up Internet connection. If your homepage takes too long to load due to too many images or flash, your potential visitors may give up and go elsewhere!

Accessing the rest of the page.

All major pages of your website should be linked from your homepage.
This serves three purposes;

1) To make it clear to real people at a glance what they can expect to find on the rest of the site.
2) So that the fewest possible clicks are needed to access the desired information.
3) To enable search engines to follow and index links to other pages on your site.

Avoid using landing pages that have no text or page links to the rest of your site. These pages make it harder for search engines to index and rank your site, and people have to spend extra clicks and time trying to figure out if your site is relevant to their search; in fact, they often negatively affect loading times.

Exercising influence

Of course, you want your site to look good, and you want your home page to “make an impact.” But think carefully about what “impact” your home page actually makes. Do you want your visitors to think, “Wow, what an awesome website? I wonder who the designers are?” Or you want them to think, “Wow, this is exactly the product or service I’ve been looking for! I’m going to buy it now!”

You might be wrong to think that potential customers are impressed by flash movies, animations, music and other such bells and whistles, when in reality most people are usefully more impressed by a website that loads quickly. well-organized and complete information and offers the desired product or service under favorable conditions. -Really!

The one-page website. Better now than later.

In some cases, the home page may be sufficient. Especially if you don’t have the time or budget to create a larger website. It’s better to build a one-page site now than to wait six months or more to build a larger site.

Nowadays, a website is often used for simple search purposes. Does this company exist?
Do they have/do what I need?
Where is?
How can I contact them?

A well-designed home page provides all of this information, and at a very reasonable price.

In addition, if you plan to create a website at some point in the future (and why wouldn’t you?), a one-page website is an advantage for search engines (it can take up to four months to index a new website).

By Candace Carter, Back2Front-The Web Site People

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