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Top 10 Music Download Sites

Best tips

  • Check in which formats the music will be downloaded.
  • Check what you get. With DRM (Digital Rights Management), record labels control what you can do with downloaded music: you can copy, move, convert its format or burn it to CD.
  • Online safety: although all sites here use secure payment, you should be careful. Credit cards are generally more protected, but check with your card provider to find out what protections you have and what your obligations are.


iTunes is and will continue to be the default music source for millions of iPod owners. Using iTunes requires you to use separate iTunes software, but in return you get a huge selection of music — along with podcasts, video clips, and TV shows. Tracks from 79p (99¢) and albums from £7 ($9.99). It only works with Apple’s dedicated iTunes software, which runs on both PC and MAC, and works with other players as well.

Format: AAC


Audio Lunchbox is the home of independent digital music, 100% compatible with all players. Here you will find high quality MP3 files for subscribers and no DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions, which means you can rip songs and burn them to CD. Subscriptions range from $9.99 a month to $250 a year, with albums starting at $9.99 each.

All new Audio Lunchbox subscribers get 50 free bonus MP3s of over 500,000 songs, just when you sign up. Audio Lunchbox is the number one independent digital music store on the web and recently received a perfect 6 out of 6 stars from PC Pro Magazine, and we’re proud to say that it’s the only digital music store that comes highly recommended.

Format: Works on all portable music players including iPod and all operating systems. Audio Lunchbox is 100% cross-platform and works on Mac, PC and Linux.


Rhapsody has more than two million tracks in its store, the same as iTunes, making Rhapsody the best choice for those with a WMA-compatible MP3 player, although support for iPods is limited. With Rhapsody, you get one of the best search interfaces to find the music you want. If you have a compatible MP3 player, you can load your player with music for $14 a month; but if you cancel your subscription, your music will be gone. You can also choose to play unlimited music online for around $10 a month.

Tracks start at 99¢ or $10 per month, Unlimited PC subscription / Rhapsody To Go: $14 per month.

Format: MP3, WMA.

Note: You can play tracks purchased from Rhapsody ($0.99/track or $0.89/track with membership) on your iPod, transfer your personal MP3s and songs ripped from CDs to your iPod, but accessed through Rhapsody membership membership tracks cannot be played on your iPod, but can be played on many other MP3 players


Insound is the premiere content and merchandising site for fans of indie rock, pop and cutting edge music. Insound features thousands of exclusive reviews, rare CDs and LPs, chat events and mp3s.
Albums start at $5.

Format: MP3

5. Yahoo! Music is unlimited

Yahoo! Music Unlimited is a subscription music service with over 2 million songs that you can enjoy at a very low price. Subscription music is like cable TV: as long as you maintain your subscription, the songs can be played; once you end your subscription, the songs will no longer be available. Play and save over 2 million songs to your computer, create playlists, share music with friends via Messenger1, and take your music with you on subscription-compatible portable devices.

Yahoo! Music Unlimited is available monthly or annually. The cost is only $5.99/month for a full year.

Music subscriptions are a wonderful, cost-effective way to discover and get your favorite music without breaking the bank. When you look at what you use your music for — gaming at home, taking portable players with you (with the To Go option)2, sharing with friends1 — you can do it all with subscription music, all for a low monthly fee. Yahoo! With Music Unlimited, you can try all the new releases available as well as all the classics, sample what you like, keep what you like, and discard what you don’t.

Once the subscription expires, the subscription tracks saved on your computer and portable devices cannot be played. As long as your subscription is up to date, you can use and enjoy the songs.

Format: MP3 (except iPod)
Compatible devices: Creative Zen Vision: M, RCA H106, Nokia N91, Creative Zen V Plus, Palm Treo 680.


Use of songs downloaded from is subject to legal permission. What’s more, you enjoy the same usage rights for all music you purchase. Here you can search over 600,000 songs to find the music you’re looking for. Each song comes with a 30-second music clip that you can play to make sure you’ve found what you’re looking for. Downloads start at 88 cents.

Format: MP3


eMusic is a subscription-based service that allows you to download tracks for significantly less than you would pay with other download services. Various pricing plans allow you to pay as little as 22p per track, encouraging you to sample new artists and buy more music as a result. Music purchased from eMusic is free from digital rights management software restrictions (such as expiration, copying or CD writing restrictions).

Subscriptions are $9.99/month in the US, £8.99/month in the UK and €12.99/month in the EU.

Format: MP3 (iPod compatible)


Wippit is the world’s first legal P2P music subscription service, offering a wide range of recordings that you can download, play and keep. Here you can download unlimited music from 160 labels containing 60,000 tracks. You can buy songs individually for as little as 29p and pay by text from your mobile phone (currently only available to UK users) or credit card.

Annual subscription is £50 for a year for UNLIMITED downloads or £4.99/month (the same as buying a CD every two months). With a Wippit subscription, you can listen to music you’ve heard or read about without having to pay to try it, compile your favorites to listen to them in any order, burn your tracks to a CD or port to an MP3 player or mobile phone.

Format: MP3


The Musicmatch store has over 900,000 tracks from over 60,000 albums and 650,000 are available for streaming. With MusicMatch, you can send your playlists by email, and if you’re a subscriber, you can send your playlists to friends without a subscription, and they can listen to the first 20 songs three times for free. It’s a great way to share music.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can still send playlists by email, but your friends can only hear the first 30 seconds of each track.

MusicMatch has a feature known as AutoDJ that automatically searches your library and over 900,000 On Demand tracks to create a custom playlist of music you’re sure to love. Simply enter some of your favorite artists and AutoDJ will do the rest. You can fine-tune the results by adjusting playlist size, track popularity, release date, and mix diversity. Discovering new music has never been easier.

Musicmatch On Demand costs $5.99.

Please take into consideration: Musicmatch On Demand is currently available to US residents
it only requires a broadband internet connection.

Format: MP3


HMV offers the latest music, videos and games that you can buy online. HMV is based on the OD2 (On Demand Distribution) platform and only works with a WMA-capable player running on a Windows machine. You can download tracks from just 79p and albums from £7.

Format: WMA, PC only.

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