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Want Success? Then Learn To Change Your Thinking

Do you ever struggle with self-discipline? Do you constantly wish for prosperity and success, but end up pulling yourself down because you think you can’t make your dreams come true?

This is probably because you are trying to behave in a way that is not completely in sync with your inner core. Change your essence and your behavior is no longer a struggle.

Think of yourself as a radio set. If you’re breathing, you’re plugged. Which station you are tuned to can be identified based on the external circumstances of your life. The external circumstances of your life are by-products of your behavior, and your behavior is controlled by thoughts rooted deep in your subconscious. So the only way to effectively and permanently improve your circumstances is to tune into a different mindset.

For example, a radio does not draw music into the room because it is turned on; it only plays the music that is already there. It’s the same with us… the solutions to our dilemmas already exist, and we become aware of them by tuning in.

Consider a person who is trying to quit smoking. Deep down, I “eat” cigarettes. So trying to leave it alone is as difficult as it gets. Even if they are successfully left alone, deep down they feel unfinished for a long, long time.

One solution to this is, if a person feels tempted by cigarettes, they say: “Oh, I’m not doing that anymore…” And they say this even if they don’t believe it in their heart for a long time. time.

We are influenced by the things we hear. If we keep listening to people at our same station, we will continue to adjust to our circumstances as they do. Someone who “lies” out loud to themselves about a new desired “truth” will eventually change the station they tune to. They will tune in to a collection of ideas and solutions that have never been considered before.

The person who said, “I won’t do that again,” was essentially projecting a new level of thought. As a result, their inner core changed much faster because their own ears heard their own voice to make a decision. Contrast this with a person who says out loud every time they are tempted, “I’m trying to quit, but I’m having a really hard time with it.” Which of the two people is more likely to be successful is hardly a mystery.

What about someone who is financially challenged? Well, they have a problem, don’t they? Every problem has a solution, according to the law. But the solution to the problem is never on the same level of thought as the ones that got the person into the mess in the first place. As Einstein put it, “The major problems we face in our lives cannot be solved at the level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Notice that he places the responsibility for our problems squarely on our own shoulders.

Would it be harder for a smoker to discipline themselves to quit smoking, or would it be harder for them to say “Oh, I’m not doing that anymore” before it’s 100% true? Sometimes it’s hard to positively lie to yourself… but it’s MUCH harder to stop the behavior without first changing your core.

So look at your circumstances. What kind of home you live in, what kind of occupation you have, the balance in your checkbook, the state of your relationships, the level of your spirituality, your health… if any of these areas could be improved, it’s only what you have. it’s because you don’t know how to make them better. You may think you know how to change, but unless you have already changed, you only have an intellectual idea of ​​how to change. Your thoughts about it are actually on the same frequency as the thoughts that got you to where you are.

The real solution is probably not what you think. The good news is that the solution is constantly being broadcast on another station and your job is simply to “tune in”. Need money? Don’t tell yourself you’re broke. Stop saying “I would IF I could afford it.” “I’ll leave IF things go well.” These are thoughts that are too strongly tuned to your current frequency. If you want anything to change, you have to think on a different level.

Every advertisement, every billboard, every conversation, image, and thought we let into our minds affects how tuned we are to our current station. Some input pulls us down to a lower frequency, and sometimes (thank heavens) we stumble upon something that lifts us up. If we stay at a frequency that only brings static, then chaos is often the physical manifestation of that confusion.

The ideas stored within us are the things that literally guide our behavior, that determine our external circumstances. Take control of your circumstances by taking control of your INPUT.

Ultimately, it’s best as a radio tuned to the highest available broadcast. Divine inspiration fills the air on this channel. But if we’re not tuned in at that level yet, it might be a good idea to be an iPod for a while! Consciously choose messages that uplift you until the elevated mindset becomes a way of life. While the radio can cover all available frequencies, the iPod will only broadcast exactly what you tell it to.

Feed your mind with the messages of your choice…intentionally. Submit yourself to input created by mentors who live at the level you want to be. Over time, your inner core will automatically think at an elevated level.

Although it is true that you can tune into a different “station” if you imagine life the way you want it and let yourself FEEL the joy of the new life even before it is real (which literally changes your radio station and you will choose a ideas that you didn’t have before…), you can also effectively raise your thinking if you carefully and consciously choose the auditory input.

If you don’t know how to tune into a different frequency of broadcast solutions (which appear as inspiration), you can at least intentionally listen to people who live on that elevated frequency.

Did you know that IF you answer your dilemmas with “I WILL FIND A WAY” and believe in your heart, you are putting yourself on a different frequency? In accordance with the law, you become aware of the solution.

For example, do you tune your radio to a certain station and wonder if the broadcast will come through? If it’s properly tuned and all obstacles have been removed, it will come out! Reliably!

It’s the same with finding answers to your dilemmas. The most successful people in the world have realized that there is always a solution, and they expect to find it. The law of polarity states that every question has an answer. They find you because of their attitude. They are on the right frequency to receive the inspiration that will solve their problem.

There are many ways to fill your virtual iPod with great input. One great way is to first decide what you want out of life and write it down. Then let yourself feel as if it already is, at least for a few minutes today.

By doing so, you have placed yourself on a frequency where you will pick up the necessary solutions. Trust your gut and follow it. ACT on your intuition, believing that you will find what you are looking for. I’m not going to pretend that what I have is right for everyone right now. Not everyone thinks they’re going to get what I have to give, and that’s okay.

One thing I think is important for everyone is this advice: Feed your soul, feed your mind… and your life will rise.

To receive guidance from a Higher Power, tune into THAT frequency by creating a genuine sense of gratitude. Be grateful for life, whatever it is now, and then allow yourself to be grateful for the life you want before you have it. Imagine that in your mind and feel the gratitude. This is what turns the dial to tune to a new station. It’s that simple. God will lead you to a new kind of life.

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