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Wedding Scrapbooking For Family History Capture The Way To The Altar And Beyond In A Scrapbook

Compiling family history documentation has become a very popular activity. The difference between putting photos in an album and making a scrapbook is that the latter combines words and feelings with photos and other memorabilia. This is how it becomes a timeless treasure, a family heirloom.

Nowadays, organizing a wedding is not an easy task. There are many details that require time, energy and money.

In addition to their daily tasks, brides and grooms are usually so engrossed in organizing their dream wedding that they don’t even think of keeping a diary or, even better, a guest book. Still, if they got one, they would surely capture every step, every experience and feeling from the first meeting through their honeymoon.

After all, a wedding album conveys romance, joy, sadness, tears and laughter, feelings and experiences as it tells the story of the beginning of a new family, a story that will be passed down to future generations as a family history book. .

A wedding album is an ideal engagement gift or wedding gift.

If you are planning to gift a beloved couple with the most unique and forever cherished guestbook, you have two options.

You can document the special events leading up to their wedding day and give them a completed book when they return from their honeymoon, or give them a blank book to record their journey as a family once they’ve announced their engagement. . If you are planning a family wedding, make sure to include the children.

When buying a wedding album, consider your purpose. Think longevity and use, years and generations. Consider quality over price. The book should look elegant rather than cute as tastes change and the book should have a classic, timeless appeal. Buy a book that boasts library-quality craftsmanship, where the materials used are luxurious and durable, and the pages and inks are acid-free archival quality. It is wise to buy a book that can be extended with screws to hold additional pages. If you can find a book that comes in a keepsake box, all the better because it makes for a powerful, rich gift presentation and the book and its contents will be protected.

Below are some ideas for your wedding album. Enter text, images, memories and memorabilia in each category. Remember that elegance and simplicity are not fashionable and will always be appropriate.

You may want to include the following:

  • Facts about the bride and groom and if you can access their family tree and the blank tree of their new family.
  • If it’s a family wedding, Facts about children
  • The courtship and proposal includes pictures, special correspondence, memorabilia, and more.
  • The proposal
  • The meeting of the families of the bride and groom
  • The engagement
  • Pre-wedding activities
  • Parties: engagement, shower, rehearsal dinner, etc…
  • Planning the wedding
  • The wedding attendants
  • The ceremony
  • The clerk
  • A copy of your vows
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • Music and songs
  • Important memories of the wedding ceremony and reception, including toasts and speeches
  • Wedding gifts
  • The honeymoon
  • The engagement party, showers, rehearsal dinners, etc… pictures and memories
  • pages dedicated to important images, memories and memorabilia not included in the above.
  • Making a scrapbook for others is a true gift of love.

    If you want to document the special events leading up to their wedding day, you need to gather as much information and details as possible, as well as pictures and memories of the couple’s journey from first date to wedding, properly chronicled.

    Try to incorporate the theme and colors of the wedding and include:

    pictures, memorabilia such as engagement announcements, newspaper clippings, save the date notes, invitations, wedding programs, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, sixpence coins, handkerchiefs, place cards, printed ribbons, printed napkins, honeymoon destination brochures (If you know where the couple intends to go on their honeymoon, go to an ant travel agency and collect brochures.) etc…

    You may also want to add decorations.

    The important pictures of their courtship day, their engagement photo, the preparation of the bride, the location of the ceremony, the walk down the aisle – wedding attendants; flower girl, ring bearer, groom and bride,

    the marriage, the unity candle ceremony, the children, if there is a family wedding, the clerk, the first kiss, the reception, the first dance, toasting, cutting the cake, feeding the cake, etc…

    Before you present the guestbook to the bride and groom, go through it and make sure that the legacy you’re creating is all about them, and when they look through it, they get to relive the events of becoming a family.

    If you are the bride and groom and have received or purchased a scrapbook, here are some more ideas for you.


    You can only add the following items to the guestbook:

  • Material for wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses,
  • receipts,
  • transport tickets (plane, train, bus, boat, etc.)
  • wedding register,
  • list of engagement gifts,
  • shower gift list,
  • wedding gift list,
  • wedding checklists,
  • gift cards and written well wishes.
  • Content

    You are the bride and groom. As a family history document, the guestbook should contain your actual experiences and feelings, ups and downs.
    You can use the scrapbook almost as a journal and recount all your trials, tribulations, fun activities, triumphs and even disappointments that you encountered between your first date and your return from your honeymoon.

    Write them all down and be specific yet creative.

    Don’t forget to include interesting anecdotes, funny stories and tips for a successful marriage from friends and relatives. Do you want this legacy to tell future generations about your family?
    Share your story vividly with pictures and memories so they feel like they witnessed their family come into being. Don’t forget to tell us about your heritage and religion. You can write about:

  • Faith of a bride
  • Faith of a bridegroomIf you are a Christian, you should include:
  • Favorite biblical and other readings
  • Religious hymns are played or sung during the ceremony
  • Prayers and blessings

    If you are of Jewish descent, you can:

  • Beshert: They were meant to be soul mates
  • Special preparations
  • Chuppah – The canopy of the ceremony
  • Kiddushin: The betrothal ceremony
  • Nissuin: The marriage ceremony
  • Sheva Brachot: The Seven Blessings
  • Your Ketubah – Jewish Marriage Contract
  • The Kippah – Yarmulke
  • The guest book becomes a gift of love and family heritage. Everyone must participate in creating who is part of the new family.

    Therefore, the bride, groom, and if they have children, all have to contribute with text, pictures, art, and decorations.

    The more details you provide in the guest book, the more information you give your children and grandchildren to talk about and share with their children and grandchildren.

    Since the words you write today are evidence of history for future generations, if you have children, you might want to include a letter dedicated to them.

    Now put on your hat, design your wedding album and have fun. Remember that as the bride and groom and their children look back over the years, they will be grateful to be able to go down memory lane and relive the birth of their family.

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