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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords

If you are using the Internet for research or to find an answer to a question, you type in a word or a phrase into the search engine and hopefully the right pages will pop up. How does it all work. I understand that the search engines have spiders or bots that crawl over all the webpages looking for keywords and links and content. If your website is mainly image based than make sure all the images have a description or the bots will ignore it. However you can see by the above statement that keywords can make or break a website.

It is daunting to know that 20% of all questions asked the search engines are unique, meaning they have never been asked before, and also 60% of people are looking for information and not to purchase. If you are putting up a website that is either promoting other peoples products, or selling your own then keywords are very important indeed.

However there is a downside into using what is called a ‘popular’ keyword, mainly because your chances of getting highly ranked using that keyword in your URL are very slim indeed, and it is the aim of every webmaster to get his website highly ranked by Google and the other search engines. It seems that the trick is to use a phrase that describes the niche you are targeting. Or to have a niche that is not the main niche, but a subsidiary of that niche. By niche I mean a special area of demand or service or product, and its generally used in Internet marketing.

For instance if you have decided on the ‘health and fitness’ niche, probably one of the most sought after niches, as most people are desperate to get rid of surplus pounds, you will find it very difficult to get ranked highly enough for anyone to find your niche if you use ‘lose weight’ as your keyword. But there are subsidiaries, and you can look at ‘losing weight after giving birth’ or weight loss for teenage girls, or ‘how to get rid of cellulite’, and of course if you use these long tailed keywords in your URL you stand more of a chance of getting a higher rank in Google and more targeted traffic which will ultimately lead to more sales and conversions.

Especially if you are sensible and have what is called a content rich site. In other words you aren’t just offering products to sell in your niche, but you have good blog posts about the products, and perhaps articles that discuss the pros and cons of the products, maybe more than one product on offer, and perhaps a physical product that goes with the product of whatever niche you are in. Physical products often have a greater pulling power than digital products, and as an affiliate for a company like Amazon it is relatively easy to deal in physical product.

If you don’t know what long tail keywords to use, Google has a very neat tool called Google Keyword Tool. You do need a Google AdSense account, but it is easy to sign up for one and it is free. Once you have your account than type in Keyword Tool into Google search engine and when you get to the tool, type in one or two keywords that does describe the product you are offering. if you are unsure how to use this Keyword Tool there are You-tube video tutorials that will show you how. Rule of thumb, always try at least three videos to make sure that you get a broad view of the subject. Now look for a long tail keyword that is not too popular, but popular enough in the particular niche you have chosen.

I found it very difficult to understand the significance of not too popular, I really thought that the more people using the keyword the better. But it really doesn’t work like that, it mustn’t be a keyword that is hardly every used, but it shouldn’t be one that everyone is using because those sites are completely covered by the professionals, and if you use them, you might find you are ranked on page 14 in Google, and at the very worst you want to be ranked on page 4 and no further back than that, mainly because the majority people searching give up on the fourth page.

It is all to do with traffic, but it is mainly important if your website is selling product. If you are an information website than keywords, whilst they are important aren’t as important when you are selling product. When your site is an information sire, than if you cram in too many keywords, you can destroy the flow, and the search engines don’t like that either. My understanding of what constitutes a website that the search engine like and rank highly, is it contains good keywords, it is content rich and it has many backlinks. You get backlinks from people who use your site and put your website onto their website. Actually the more people interact with your website, the more the search edginess like it.

Backlinks also come from using the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Squidoo and Hubpages. These are all places where people can find your site and find out what you are promoting. Again using keywords, or even better long tail keywords will help people find you more easily, and together with the backlinks from the social media sites, your ranking and visibility in Google should increase exponentially.

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